My Story Essay

As I begin this assignment, I really don’t know what to write. Should I begin with how I was born and rise up in a country that is far away from American? Maybe talking a little bit about my background will help my classmates get to know who I am, and that is the least thing I can do now. I was born in Saigon City, Vietnam, a country located in Southeast Asia, within a big family. My parents have five elder brothers, two sisters before they have me. I had problems after my birth; a little disorder (nothing serious) in my brain caused me some troubles and worry to my parents. It took three years to be cured through continuos visit to my doctor in Saigon City. Those days were really difficult not only for my parents and me, but also for the whole family too because I was submitted to terrible exams according to my age. My family thought that I wouldn’t be able to grow up like other normal kids. However, with the praise of every member in my family, I was healthy after all.

By the time I was ready for kindergarten, my two elder brothers allowed to come to the United States to study aboard. This was a big change in my family because my parent wanted to save money for my brothers’ education. Therefore, they sold our house and asked my two elder’s sister to help them with our family business instead of going to college. The clearest thing I remember about this issue was my sisters not happy with this decision. However, in my country, the idea of women with high education isn’t expected as compare to men. Therefore, I think it is the tradition that effects my parent to decide this way. As for me, I continue to grow through school and the love of my parent. In the school I spent wonderful times with my friends. I used to participate with my group in mom’s day every year dancing. At the same time, I also started to go to my ballet classes. First my mother sent me because she wanted, and when she decided to put me out of my classes I asked her not to do that. According to my mother, I quit everything to go to my ballet classes, and never I refused to go.

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I studied seventh to twelfth grades in the Tan Hoa School. It is an all girl school, and I recall those moments as if it were yesterday. In this school I can say that I made real friends. We were only twenty in my class so we were like a big group of friends. Since we were so little, we all knew what was happening in everybody’s life. We did all kind of fun things, all types of mischief. We laughed, cried, fought, and made peace. Being among a lot of girls, I must admit, can get to be quit complicated. However, I wouldn’t change one day or any of my friends for anything in the world. It is great to know you have people you can count on always.

Sadly this time passed very quickly and before we knew it we were on our graduation to different colleges. I was lucky enough that my parent let me to come to the United State to study. Perhaps I have to thank my two sisters who are not allowed to go to college, now that my parent want to make up for them by sending me to study college aboard. By doing this, I think they show them that they aren’t favored their sons over daughters. Another reason, maybe I’m the youngest in the family and bad thing happened to me when I was born. I don’t know what is the real reason but I am thankful my parent for giving me this opportunity. As soon as I come here, I start by taking English course. I had a wonderful time, but at the beginning was really hard. This was the first time I lived alone, the first time I cooked, the first time I went to the bank myself, the first time I had to do everything by myself. It was hard for me to realize that I was alone and far from my real home, but with the time I got used to my new situation.

During this four year of college, I met people from all around the world. I learn from them customs, typical things, and food of their home country, so beside learning technical stuff my culture grew. And what at first seemed to be terrible became a complete experience and maturation. I became a different person with new point of view, broadminded, and more independent. I always will thank my parents for this wonderful experience they gave me, and the upbringing they are giving me.


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