my tipical day Essay

Sometimes it is very hard to find some free time even on our days off, because we are often busy with our work and we don’t see all kinds of other activities. Besides we don’t save our minutes, that’s why we have no time to relax. Until recently staying busy relieved me of the need to make decisions about how I was spending my time. Business gave me a sense of control over my life. Frankly speaking my dilemma is deeper than shortage of time; it is the problem of priorities I want to spend time at work, but not for the lack of good rest.

Physical rest is very important, but we also need spiritual relaxation – the peace and refreshment in our soul. It has been wisely noted that after spiritual rest we feel strengthened, dashing and patient. So, at present I try to maximize my time in such a way in order to have enough time for work but also have some spare time for entertainments. This is usually connected with my weekends or in other words days off. I should say that this year was not an easy one in my life.

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my tipical day Essay
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Apart from everyday preparation for the lessons at lyceum, I had to do quite a number of additional studies in English, Belarusian and History because I started getting ready for the entrance examinations. During the school week I got so tired and exhausted that I anxiously looked forward to the weekend when I could relax and have a good rest. A day off for me was a nice possibility to escape from the daily lyceum routine. Every day off came like a reward and like all nice things it flashed by quickly.


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