My Wife and Kids Sample Essay

Television ranks as one of the most watched amusement agents of all times throughout the universe. It forms one of the most important agencies of communicating used in the universe today. An mean American uses more than 33 per centum of his clip watching telecasting than any other leisure activity. In most incidences. the telecasting forms an of import portion of Americans’ life. Between the two genders. adult females form the largest telecasting audience partially because of their attached gender functions. and their fond regard to household jobs. Further. adult females are likely to watch telecasting more than work forces based on the type of plans aired are. Television adds up as an agent of socialisation in the fact that it transmits cultural values and norms from one coevals to the other. Peoples. particularly the immature. look up to the plan histrions as function theoretical accounts. Programs aired on telecasting portray different genders in different functions and dictates which roles a spectator will take in life. Television does non necessitate any particular accomplishments like literacy and does non know apart against single.

This makes it a alone amusement tool ( Tv. com n. P ) . I decided to analyse ‘My married woman and kids’ comedy due to its deep engendered division of functions in comparing with the current tendency of gender inequality issues and the battle for abolishment of gender favoritism. Further. the play highlights some betterment mileposts achieved in the battle against gender favoritism in the kingdom of Television broadcast medium. In add-on. the play depicts a jeer of the battle against gender stereotyping in media. My married woman and childs comedy Television show depicts a household made up of female parent. male parent. childs. and grandkids. The comedy high spots a typical household in a place scene and the issues that surround domestic life like vacations. matrimony issues. gender functions and other household life activities. As the show suggests. the family’s gender division of functions raises the cardinal thematic concern. which is felicity. At the Centre of the comedy are the societal scenes that dominate the scenes of the show that depict a household life full of laughter and indifferences. The comedy features a middle-class American household full of life and promises ( “My Wife and Kids” neptunium ) .

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The paper analyzes the followers in the methodological analysis subdivision: representation of each gender. types of functions occupied. authorization assumed by each gender. physical fittingness. dressing in footings of pantie dressing and creativeness and innovativeness portrayed by the characters in the play. By physically numbering the figure of male characters and female characters in the play and the speech production lines done by each gender. I found out that females outnumber the males but males have the highest figure of talking parts in all the episodes. Harmonizing to my appraisals. work forces occupy 65 % of the talking done in the whole play. Whether the work forces are immature in age or are non bosomy organic structure wise. they command the higher speech production parts in the four episodes of the play. By taking head counts of the characters involved in the play. I will utilize the tallness and organic structure build to mensurate the age. Further. I will use the most frequent talker to estimate who is more important in a conversation feel foring a male and a female character. In add-on. the sum of organic structure coverage will be used to find who is barely dressed. Harmonizing to the episodes in the play. females outnumber the work forces characters.

Despite. this. work forces do most of the speech production and about take three of every five lines in the play. In the play. the drawn-out household is composed of three work forces and three females. The atomic household is composed of two males and three females. The remainder of the characters fall out of the household line and represent adult females characters as the bulk. This is a contrast to Renzetti and Curran’s statement that females occupy a little proportion of telecasting episodes characters. On the other manus. it provides a changed position of the manner people traditionally viewed gender representation in telecasting broadcasts ( Renzetti and Curran 152 ) . Through analysing and taking notes of the functions played by each character in the play. I found out that the functions occupied by female characters are elusive to those of work forces. despite their high figure in the episodes. Work forces take up the higher proportion of speech production as seen in the conversations between a male and a female character. Through taking up the bulk of the speech production. work forces are able to command the nature of the conversations by steering on the subjects to be discussed.

Work force in the play dictate holiday trips to be taken. when they will be taken. activities undertaken during the vacation and other minor activities within the drawn-out household. Further. functions of work forces are depicted as masculine and that require energy as opposed to the simple functions female characters take in the play. For illustration. the male parent of the house takes up the redevelopment of the garage assisted by his boy and excludes the son’s married woman. The contractor who takes the occupation of mending the family’s house is a adult male. In add-on. women’s functions in the play are confined to child raising and kitchen functions. For illustration. the female parent of the house cooks while the hubby is off. The son’s married woman ever stays with the kid while the male parent of the kid goes plunging. On the same point. adult females are seen every bit immature as compared to the males ( “My Wife and Kids” neptunium ) . This seems to be in line with Renzetti and Curran’s place on the function of adult females in telecasting broadcasts ( Renzetti and Curran 153 ) . Male characters are besides portrayed every bit good dressed as opposed to females who dress barely in order to delight the work forces.

This was arrived at through utilizing the proportion of organic structure screen in each of the genders via the analysis of types of outfits female by the characters. Male characters in the play are ever dressed in suits while female characters are ever dressed in mini-skirts. tops exposing their chests cleavage and other pantie vesture. For illustration. while cooking. the female parent of the house is merely clothed in panties while the adult male is clothed in a long-sleeved shirt and pants. Female characters besides use makeups as one manner of heightening their beauty. For illustration. in the karaoke competition the female characters are barely dressed and use makeups to rock the determination of the work forces to their favour. In add-on. female characters in the play are more appreciative of remarks about their vesture than are male. Through analysis and observation of functions and activities each gender participates in. male characters are displayed as being more physically fit than the female characters. For illustration. the male parent of the house attends gym that is full of weight raising work forces and trains daily while the married woman is left at place. Harmonizing to this scene. gym and weight lifting are the confines of work forces.

Some remarks used by male characters portray male characters as agile and ready to confront oppositions while the female characters are more reserved and afraid of the male. Further. female characters are depicted as thin and missing the masculine capableness of the male. Thinness is associated with female attraction. while maleness is associated with men’s capableness to protect the adult females. This discriminates adult females and puts them at the caprices and clemencies of work forces. The male characters in the play are depicted as originative and advanced as compared to female characters that rely on work forces to do the important determinations. For illustration. during a visit to the talk show about doctrine. the talker is a male character. The picture is argued to hold stemmed from the thoughts of a adult male that is replicated. Female characters are besides seen as stupid and understanding. For illustration. the male parent of the house explains the word contractor and its deductions to the married woman. During the doctrine talk. the immature male character explains the significance of doctrine to his girlfriend. Further. the female characters are more occupied with love affair and utilize sexual relationships to acquire what they want from work forces. On the other manus. work forces characters seem to be more occupied with other activities much to the exclusion of love affair in their relationships.

In the play. work forces seem to kick about the sexual dependence of their spouses. For illustration. the boy complains about the sexual dependence of the married woman to the male parent. The female parent of the house uses sex want to the hubby to maintain the hubby at place when he threatens to travel off. In add-on to the dependence. female characters seem to dress barely as one manner of act uponing the men’s determinations. This is as a consequence of their mental perceptual experience that sex can be used to acquire what they want. This portraiture of adult females as sexually oriented characters in the play plumber’s snakes good with Renzetti and Curran’s statements about the nature of female characters word picture in telecasting broadcasts. Further. it creates a gendered stereotype of adult females as depicted in the play and in existent life state of affairss ( Renzetti and Curran 153 ) . The play. My Wife and Kids. is displays racial segregation based on its deficiency of coloured characters. Most of the characters are either white Americans or black Americans but there exist no character with any other racial association.

This hapless representation of races in the play depicts Renzetti and Curran’s statement that Television broadcasts and shows still exhibit racial and cultural stereotypes and underrepresentation. On the other manus. the play does non hold a physically challenged character. This besides displays the hapless representation of the minority groups in the play and many other Television broadcasts. Further. other minority groups like tribades and homosexuals are non represented as all characters in the play show consecutive sexual orientations ( Renzetti and Curran 154 ) . In decision. the play My Wife and Kids supports most of the premises drawn by Renzetti and Curran.

Gender discriminatory functions. authorization bestowed on work forces characters. sexual disposition of female characters and light dressings by female characters are all supported by the play. Despite the alteration in the figure of female characters in the play. the remainder of the statements posted by Renzetti and Curran are true and supported in the play. Thus. I agree with the statements by Renzetti and Curran about gender favoritism in Television aerating. Gender portraiture is someplace in between the center. This is represented by the few alterations in females’ representation in Television shows although marred by other discriminatory inclinations. A closer expression at the show has helped me to pick out gender discriminatory issues blighting the Television shows in the state and gender pigeonholing although fringy in magnitude.


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