My Writing: Fantasy Essay

No one ever really thought that Skymat would ever end up looking the way it did, or run the way it is run. In the early 21st century the Ceo of Microtel and the Owners of Cybertech Inc., and Logics Inc branded together to start a colony of Americas most aristocratic citizens and put them somewhere. That somewhere took 4 years to decide and only after hundreds and hundreds of hours on consultation and thought, did Jean Marque Luquette of Logics decide that it could be done in the sky of our Earth. It was a great idea with the technology of the 24th century. No one thought it was possible but yet unscathed and determined the trio continued in their quest for a place in history. For about the next twenty years every technician, astrophysicist, and anyone else who would put some matter of thought into the ideas was met with and asked for their help. Unfortunately the same answer was given over and over again,” The magnitude of such a creation is beyond our technological capabilities, sorry!” Thirty-Seven million dollars later and nothing to show the idea was scrapped and the project eliminated. It was not until the year of 2659 that the idea of putting such a city in the clouds was brought up again. Marcus Vent whose lineage traced back to Marque Luquette was a multi multi mutli trillionare with many connections and many influential friends. The word is that alone Marcus has more money then the next five richest men under him combined. Marcus had grown up reading science fiction books and had an imagination that got him in trouble quite a bit but never the less kept him wondering. His favorite book was “Skymat” written by the grandson of John McCleod the once former owner of Microtel. In it was the details of what his grandfather and his two colleagues proposed to do but did not have the equipment nor the technology to match their imaginations. Marcus read this book many hundred times and only later did he evolve a serious fascination for such a creation. Marcus vowed to build a city of such magnitude and create it exactly the way the three men had thought it up. In the year of 2707 and at the age of 87 Marcus was able to announce the inauguration of his new city. Only the most elite of the fine folk were given invitations to attend and live in this modern marvel as well as bring along their family. The dimensions of Skytel ended up to be quite a bit larger than anyone ever thought possible. The city in it self was 43 miles long and 27 miles wide as to give it a sort of rectanglish look to it. It was completely enclosed by a clear bubble as not to hinder the view. Their were four rural suburbs located around a central downtown with skyscrapers twice as tall as any ever known to man. Since there were no storms, wind, or any other catastrophic possibilites building height was not a problem. The Genius part of the whole network was how it stayed in the air and what kept it there. There were four gigantic generators each about 2 miles squared. Each one alone was powered by telekinetics. That is the energy given off by the people on the surface. Every square centimeter of the ground was covered with sensors that collected the energy and stored it in the generators. Now the tricky part was how it stayed in the air. The technology used had never been seen before, it took the brainpower of 2,000 scientist combined to make it work. In the middle of the city on the bottom half was an anti gravitational pull machine 15 miles wide 17 miles long that used the force of earths gravity, reversed it so that instead of it pulling on it pushed it up and kept it stable, and in place. To keep it from moving left to right there were four turbo jets on each side that give off sudden blasts of wind if the computers read that the city has moved even a half of an inch either way. It’s all self-sufficient.

Within the city there are people, yet, they are not of the normal kind. Marcus recruited every single genius with and I.Q of over 150, and 1,000 human hybrids. Human hybrids were still a pretty new concept even though the first one was augmented over a hundred years ago. There were many different variations of hybrids. Some were used strictly for storing data in themselves. Others were used for personal bodyguards. Some were strictly made for pleasure purposes, although those were kept very confidential. Some were made for specific jobs, and then disregarded, and last some were made for a little bit of everything. The newest concept to people that scared some of the more old-fashioned 25th, 26th century believers was called a Matrix. The theory was that someone with implanted chips in their mind could jack in to a computer somewhere and live in a sort of virtual world where all the same rules apply as here. Only about 300 million people on Earth out of 17 billion were capable of doing this so you could imagine the controversy. As you can imagine Marcus made sure every person in his city was either a hybrid or capable to jack in. Now jacking in was a bit trickier than people thought at first. It was originally experimented using the back of the head to jack in but soon aborted due to the fact that 9 in 10 people were suffering chronic amnesia and memory lapse. Later it was found that if they jacked up through the nerves in the spinal cord that it was a lot safer. Easier said than done. How to get the nerves connected to a terminal proved to be very difficult. So what had to be done was in order to jack a person up, they would have to go to a doctor and have them connect all of the nerves and nerve endings and make one central nerve that protruded out of the back. Sort of like having a tail but in the middle of your back. That in itself proved to be very painful, having a nerve stick out of your back. That lead to doctors inventing a process to deaden the pain in the part of the nerve that stuck out of the back, yet still functioning normally.

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My Writing: Fantasy Essay
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Time went on and Marcus eventually passed away and left Skymat to his children with the intensions that everything would stay the same. It didn’t. Soon people were able to immigrate their way to Skymat just like a thousand years ago in America. Eventually every thing started to go wrong. Underground gambling rings and prostitution started to pop up. Matrix fraud was now a regular occurrence and Drugs made their filthy way into the city. Preventive measures were taken yet even the cops were bad and the cyber cops were just plain not good enough to stop any common thief in the matrix. For the next hundred years or so Skymat was looked at as the modern day Vegas of the 1950’s. Crime was out of control, police couldn’t do anything, mob bosses ran the city. The Matrix was ruled by the smartest fraudulents around. The way of life kept deteriorating until the year 2820. A rookie hybrid named Cameron Jayden came to Skymat with a vendetta and revenge to settle!! Na?ve and bold? Yes!! No one had ever heard of this kid nor had they seen any of his work. Yet he bragged about how he would bring the bosses of this city to their knees and turn this city around for the better. Cameron grew up in suburban Chicago with the typical nice little lifestyle. He had two loving parents and an older brother who could not seem to keep his head out of trouble. Everything was great until Anthony Beolino put a fee on John, his older brother for double-crossing his crew. Cameron came home after school to find his Brother John, mother, and father hanging off the chimney of his house. Cameron went to the streets for a few years and quickly became corrupted by the lifestyle that had taken his brother. With everything looking *censored*ty, a man by the name of David Cruz approached him on the street with an offer he could not refuse. David offered to give Cameron $50,000 to put a few cyborg implants into his brain. He guaranteed him it will not harm him or affect him. David told Cameron it would speed up his senses 50 times quicker then they already were and increase his I.Q 100 points. They wanted to use Cameron in The matrix for their own personal benefit and use. After five years of steeling, bootlegging, and other arduous crimes Cameron figured he had had enough of this lifestyle and wanted to commit to something good. Thus what better good could he do than revenge the loss of his family and try and right the wrong that had been done in Skymat. Cameron knew that such a task would be near impossible, if not impossible and he knew that he would probably not live through it, yet he figured he was strong enough, and had nothing to lose. It was only right for him to do this. Cameron confronted William, a long time friend of his who spent most of his days and nights hacking into things and other little petty mischief. He figured Will could help him in some way or another, yet was not sure whether he would do it or not. Will unhappily said yes, knowing what Cam had been through and what this job meant to him. Will had a similar family history of bad luck with the mafia also. When William was just a little boy his father was murdered by one of the Manciano gang for not paying up on his rent. So inside Will had a little fire burning of revenge within him wanting to see Cameron succeed. In planning, Cameron asked Will to find as much information about the Mob bosses as he could. Where they lived, who they were with all of the time, where they spent most of their time. Basically everything one could know about someone. The most important thing that Cameron pressed upon Will was to find out the kind of security these guys had surrounding them. Will was then instructed to fly to Skymat and meet him at Scooby’s restaurant at 4:00 p.m. on July 23rd. Exactly two months from now. As time went on and Cam prepared for what he surely knew would be the last months of his life, he couldn’t help but get the picture out of his head seeing his family hanging. The more he thought about it the more it angered him. The more it angered him the more he wanted to succeed. He became so determined there soon was no other thought in his head than winning, and victory. Cam thought about what he would do to each one. Would he kill them. How would he kill them. Would he be merciful and spare each one of them their lives, even Beolino. The answer was clear, no mercy just pain!! He thought about how he would walk into Beolino’s little room and ask him if he remembered him. If Beolino did not remember he would remind him, put a neuse over his head and throw him out of the window of the skyscraper and hang him, hopefully snapping his neck loud enough for everyone to hear. If he was lucky enough maybe have his head come clean off of his body and the rest of his body fall to the ground.
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