My Writing Style Essay

Jake Kimball 8-26-2010 EN 100-753 My Writing Style My writing style is really just basic. I write clearly and make my writing easy for everyone to read who reads my paper, from a student to a teacher, whoever reads my paper will know its simple and easy and can be creative at time, and other times might not be as good as I want it to be. Basic is my writing style. I use a personal writing process, which to me is a mixture of a lot of things. It usually consists of brainstorming, which I use to decide on what my topic will be about and ideas to use in my paper.

Next I use research to gather information and to get details for my paper. Another is composing my paper, which I use to put my information and ideas together. Then the final thing I do in my writing process is to revise, which I use to look over my paper and check for errors like spelling and punctuations. I also make sure my paper is well organized for the reader to read. Now this will bring me to some of the encounters I run into while writing my paper.

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The first thing I run into is punctuations, sometimes I make sentences to long without a comma if it needs it or I sometimes for get to use a period in places or a question mark or whatever I use but I know I can fix those with practice. Another issue I run into sometimes is my surroundings which are usually around people, which gets me distracted every now and then but to fix that I will have to make a schedule for myself in a quite environment. To me distractions are the only encounters I run into, T. V. , phones, music, etc. That’s what I have to get rid of to write a good paper for my peers and my teachers to read.


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