Myob story Essay

The City of Albertville actively supports the summer Job club that is organized by the local high school. Ralph Klein, Samantha Yoshi, and Kyra Elmore were very enthusiastic about their first day of work. They had all received word two weeks ago, after intensive inter views that they had been chosen as the successful applicants for three openings in the Data Operations Department. Arriving at 8:00 A. M. in the main foyer of City Hall, they were ushered into a second-floor meeting room to await the arrival of their new supervisor, Buzz Pringle.

In addition to being the department manager, Buzz was a well-respected Data Entry Clerk and a long-time employee with the city. 1. Kyra is introduced to Samuel Weinhardt, the senior clerk for the department. Samuel is new to computers and works primarily as an inspector for computer-generated plans and reports. Although fascinated by the software, Samuel has had problems with some Windows operations and has compiled a written list of problems that he now hands to Kyra. The list reads as follows: a) I’ve tried double- clicking on icons to move them, but I Just seem to get windows opening up all over he place. ) I’ve tried to resize a window by clicking and holding down the right mouse button over its border, but it doesn’t seem to work. c) The cascade Windows command doesn’t seem to arrange the open windows in a floor tile pattern like it’s supposed to. d) I’ve tried to move a window by clicking and holding down the left mouse button over its Maximize button, but it Just expands the window. e) I don’t understand how an active window can be active when it’s not moving.

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Myob story Essay
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