Myth Of The Rewards And Benefits Business Essay

Past two decennaries, many people regard the human resort direction “ cognition resort ” as one of the cardinal factors for sustainable competitory advantage. In peculiar cognition sharing is perceived to be the most indispensable procedure enemy cognition direction.

Peoples are non willing to portion their cognition in the administration. They think that their cognition is really valuable and of import. Ernst and Young centre for concern school invention the biggest trouble in cognition direction was “ Changing people ‘s behavior ” ( Ruggles 1998 ) .

The chief intent of above research is to actuate people in administrations to portion their cognition with other in. But employee expects wagess and benefits to lend their cognition in the house.

Reward and Benefits in HRM

Wagess and benefits are the most of import tool to the HRM section that may be used to pull and actuate his employee in the administration. Many theories have discussed that how to actuate employee through meet their outlooks to accomplish a house ‘s aims. The purpose of HRM to happen the best manner to honor them. Wagess and benefits scheme besides of import for employer to accomplish controble productiveness and return on investing.

How does honor act upon single employees?

Wagess schemes are used in HRM to straight command employee behavior. Employees in a house largely compare their ain wages with each other on the same occupation, some of them want to turn within the house, but they expect something excess to portion their cognition.

There are three theories to explicate more deeply wagess and benefits: –

Reinforcement Theory

E.L.Thorndike ‘s Law of Effect states that a response followed by a wages is more likely to repeat in the hereafter. The deduction in HRM is that high employee public presentation followed by a pecuniary wages will do future high public presentation more likely. The theory emphasizes the importance of individual ‘s really experience of a wages.

Expectancy Theory

Expectancy theory besides focuses on the nexus between wages and occupation public presentation. Job public presentation can be described as a map of ability and motive. Motivation in HRM is hypothesizes to be a map of anticipation.Expectancy theory implies that associating an increased sum of wagess to will increase motive and public presentation.

Agency Theory

This theory focuses on the divergent involvements and end of the organisation ‘s stockholder and the ways the employee compensation can be used to aline these involvements and end. A really of import feature of the modern corporation is the separation of ownership from direction. Mostly stockholders or proprietors are removed from operation twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. The chief agent ( Manager ) expects something to move on the behalf of proprietor

Reward and benefit is a cardinal component in scheme attack to HRM. Theory of wages F.W.Taylar in male parent of scientific direction viewed employee as retained and economic in their attack but fundamentally lazy and holding to be motivated by direction through the wages system.

Aims of Reward and Benefits in HRM

The chief aim of wages and benefit in HRM is to run the organizational operations with “ Flawless executing ” in the market competitions. Objective of wagess and benefits can be changing in different sections: –

Employee ‘s Aim: – to actuate towards the best public presentation, achieve their individual ends and do a recognise place in the administration.

Employer ‘s Aim: – to acquire the maximal best part of his employee to accomplish organizational end.

Government aim: – to do better economic system status with the strong buying power in the state.

Organizational aim: – to maintain the best employee for the hereafter.

Elementss of wages

There are a figure of footings can be describe the wagess that are given by employer in return of public presentation for work performed by workers or employee. Now a twenty-four hours many of wagess that people take from their bash non take a pecuniary term. “ Compensation ” is a term widely used in America ‘s literature. Remuneration is a most common word usage in human resort direction which means the same as payment but besides has more letters and is misspelled.

There are five elements make it entire wagess:





Development in calling chances

Types of Rewards and benefits

Few decennaries ago, word used to be called “ Pay ” and so became “ Wage ” and now-a -days we are utilizing “ Wagess ” . Rewards and benefits refer all the hard currency, non-cash and psychological payments. There are two basic types of wagess:

Extrinsic wagess: which cover the footing demand of salary or income to run daily life. these sort of wagess besides called “ financially wagess ” In Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of demands they are the at the bottom terminal.

Intrinsic wagess: which cover the employee ‘s satisfaction from occupation, viing in challengeable environment and societal actions which arise from the work topographic point, These sort of wagess besides called “ psychological wagess ” .

Extrinsic wagess are: –

Recognise plan:

These sorts of wagess are most popular in little and large houses these yearss. Reward can be “ Employee of the hebdomad ” or month or twelvemonth in the house. It help to develop the sense of security at workplace by a good public presentation, motivate to employee in the hereafter. It can be in hard currency signifier or gift verifiers.

Online Award Programs:

There are few sites which are offering exceeding employee service with particular awards internet inducement or reorganization sites include ;,,, many houses including Citi bank, Wal-Mart and Levi Strauss and company are the now spouses with on-line wagess houses.

Net income Sharing:

Most employees receive a portion of the company ‘s one-year net income. Profit sharing wagess boost productiveness with the governable cost. Reward in a hard currency signifier is the most popular wages in a Human Resources Management.

Employees Stock Ownership Plans:

Administration contributes portions from his ain stock to give as a wages to employees. This sort of wages develops ownership sense in employee ‘s behavior.

Gain Sharing Programs:

Derive sharing programs developed in 1937 by Joseph Scanlon. Derive sharing programs offer a agency of sharing productiveness additions with employees. Although sometimes baffled with net income sharing programs, additions sharing differ in two cardinal respects. First, alternatively of utilizing an organisation degree public presentation step, the plan step group or works public presentation, which are likely to be seen as more governable by employees. Second, pay-outs are distributed more often and non deferred. In a sense, addition sharing programmes represent an attempt to draw out the best characteristics of administration -oriented programs like net income sharing and single -oriented programs like net income sharing and individual-oriented programs like virtue wage and single inducements.

Intrinsic Wagess

These sorts of wagess besides called non-cash payments. Employer shifts money from hard currency to benefits. New benefits coverage a touchable success that could impact on employee ‘s psychological behavior than a salary addition or hard currency wages. There are some few illustration of these sorts of wagess

Medical benefits

A public sentiment study shows that medical benefits are a most of import to a mean individual life. This has a good cost advantage, together with revenue enhancement considerations and a concern of employee security.

Life insurance, Retirement and Pension policy, Holiday wage, Sick wage, Child attention policy are the assorted types of benefits. Benefits are great chances to salvage the money for future. These sorts of benefits consider as a protection against the hazard of old age, loss of wellness and life and societal environments.

Procedure of wagess in administration

Reward and benefits is the lone of import tool to alive a administration in the competitory market. With pecuniary feedback employee can be motivate to the best public presentations in the hereafter. This is procedure of an administration, continue after every best public presentation.

Advantage of Rewards and benefits in HRM

The biggest advantage of wagess and benefits in HRM is to direct and actuate employee ‘s behavior to accomplish organizational aim.

Maximum usage of all degree of public presentation in house ‘s productiveness.

To accomplish profitable growing with the governable cost.

Foster the development of future with high public presentation civilization.

Focus on productiveness and returns.

Give the just return of employee ‘s investing.

Reduce of less employee turnover.

Enhance trueness degree in employees.

Disadvantage of Rewards and benefits in HRM

The biggest disadvantage of wages and benefits is that it makes the extra cost in the house operation.

In order to acquire recognised some employees give more penchant to their forces end instead than working on group ends. These sort of activities will make demoralisation among the other squad members which will finally consequence the public presentation of the organisation.

Applications of Rewards and Benefits in HRM

We can discourse applications of wagess and benefits in HRM with a instance survey of Domino ‘s Pizza.

Case survey: Domino ‘s Pizza and wages system

Domino ‘s pizza is the 1 of biggest “ Pizza Delivery ” in the universe, founded in 1960. About a decennary ago, it was known fast nutrient industry which was extremely reliable on low-paid worker. People merely wanted to make merely portion clip occupation because of low wage rate, quit occupations for avoid the addition pay rate and less satisfaction with work topographic point. Because of above behavior there was high turnover in employees.

After reviewed the whole state of affairs with experience and basic instruction, HRM section of Domino ‘s introduce the Rewards and benefits programs with standard rates of wage rate for different public presentation in the house. They besides motivate to employee with better working environment, to remain longer in the house.

How they handle the job?

Introduce Reward and benefits programs in Domino ‘s

Monetary Wagess

Psychological Wagess

Weekly hard currency wages to command nutrient and labor cost.

Weekly hard currency wages to accomplish good client service.

15 % of net income sharing from addition in gross revenues growing.

Employee stock option program

Recognition within the house.

Better work topographic point.

Benefits for employee.

Flexible hours.

Gift verifiers.

HRM section of Domino ‘s received positive consequence after introduce this strategy, to accomplish the best public presentation of employee. They achieved:

Increase profitably of operations to command with nutrient and labor cost.

Increase big no. of clients and repeat of clients.

To maintain the best employees in house for long-run.

To actuate employees for the best of their public presentation.


Our focal point in this assignment has been on the design wages plans that recognize employee part to the administration ‘s success. Wagess and benefits have of import influence on an employee ‘s criterion of life. This carries two of import facets. First, wages plan can be a powerful incentive. An effectual wages plan can well advance an administration ‘s success. Second, the of import of wages means care a great trade about the equity of procedure. The fact that now these yearss administrations are differ from their concern and human resort section has to plan the sensible methods of wages to actuate the employee. Human recourse direction understand that file awaying fiscal nonsubjective and fulfilling stockholders, depends to a considerable degree of reward plan in the house. The wages and benefits affect the long-run profitableness of any house in competitory market.

Entire Reward


Supply an overview of the plans for wages and benefits in HRM. Each plan portions a focal point on public presentation. Table differ harmonizing to three characteristics: Design Features ( 1 ) method of payment ( 2 ) Frequency of payout ( 3 ) ways of mensurating public presentation. Consequence ( 1 ) motive of public presentation ( 2 ) employee ‘s attractive force ( 3 ) civilization of administration ( 4 ) cost. There are two eventualities that how pay plan may act upon and suit the state of affairs.

Merit wage

Incentive wage

Net income sharing


Addition sharing

Skill- based

Design characteristics

Payment method

Change in base wage



Equity alterations


Change in base


Frequency of payout




When stock sold

Monthly or quarterly

Competence acquired



Supervisor ‘s assessment

Individual end product

Company net income

Company stock returns

Controllable cost of production

Competency acquisition of single


Performance motive

Relationship between wage and public presentation

Clear public presentation

Stronger in smaller houses

Stronger in little and large houses

Stronger in smaller units

Encourages larning


Overtime pays better performing artists

Wages higher public presentation

Helps with employee if program pay out

Help lock employee in the house

Aid with employee if program pay out

Attracts larning new engineering


Individual competition

Individual competition

Knowledge of cooperation and concern

Sense of ownership

Supports cooperation job work outing

Learning and flexible administrations


Requires well-development public presentation assessment system

Puting and keeping acceptable criterions

Relates costs to ability to pay

Relates costs to ability to pay

Puting and keeping acceptable criterions

Training certification and stuff


Management manner

Engagement desirable


Fits engagement

Fit engagement

Fit engagement

Fit engagement

Type of work



All type

All type

All type

Significant accomplishment deepness


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