Mythology- Romulus And Remus Essay

Romulus and Remus
A myth is a complex cultural phenomenon
that can be approached from a number of viewpoints (“Mythology”). Mythological
creatures are usually developed to explain something or to give a reason
why something exists. Most Gods have a supernatural power or force, which
makes them a God. Some mythological heroes are known as divinities, for
the great things they have done. Romulus and Remus are two of the most
well known mythological divinities, they were born of a vestal virgin,
and they were the mythological founders of Rome.

Of all mythological creatures Romulus is
one of the better known. They were seen as the mythological creators of
Rome. The citizens of Rome worshipped Romulus and Remus because they were
believed to have created the city. They were made up to explain the mysterious
appearance of Rome. Overall they are two of the most famous mythological

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Romulus and Remus were born into an unforeseen
set of circumstances. They were born of the Vestal Virgin, Rhea and the
God of war, Mars. King Amulius sent them down the Tiber River so he would
be able to deny their death, but they did not die. They were found by a
she-wolf and a bird that fed and nurtured them to health. They were later
found by a shepard, Faustulas, who brought them home to his wife Acca.

Faustulas and Acca then raised them until they were strong adults.

Romulus and Remus were made up to explain
the creation of Rome. Romulus and Remus founded the city of Rome on the
place where they were to be drowned (Rosenburg 113). To name the town,
since neither one was older they decided to split up and see who saw the
first sign. “Six vultures, the bird of Mars, flew over Remus’s head, moments
later twelve vultures flew over Romulus’s head. Romulus was the true victor”(“Mythology:
Romulus”). The city Rome was named after Romulus (Jay 60). A few
years later while arguing over plans for the city, Romulus killed Remus.

Romulus was the roman leader for forty more years until the Gods killed
him. Moreover, they were greatly known and appreciated for what they developed
and stood for.

These Gods and Goddesses were born, fell
in love, fought with one another, and generally behaved like their human
worshipers (Littleton 813). The people of Rome made up these creatures
to give them answers but at the same time they gave the world one more
great story. Romulus and Remus were strong heroes who built a great divinity
out of nothing. In conclusion, Romulus and Remus were great names in mythology,
were abandoned at birth and were the creators of the great city of Rome.


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