Nafta – Ralph Nader, Free Trade and the Decline of Democracy Essay

NAFTA – Ralph Nader, Free Trade And the Decline of Democracy 1. According to Nader, why are multinational corporations so supportive of NAFTA and the new GATT proposals? Multinational corporations are working hard to expand their control over the international economy and to undo vital health, safety and environmental protections won by citizen movements. 2. What will be the economic implications of NAFTA for the US Economy according to Nader?

Enactment of the free trade deals virtually ensures that any local state, national effort in the United States to demand that corporations pay their fair share of teaxes, provide a decent standard of living to their employess or limit their pollution of air, water and land. 3. What, in Nader’s view are the potential political dangers of free trade? The trade agreements are crafted to enable corporations to play this game at the global level, to pit country against country in a race to see who can set the lowest wage levels, the lowest environmental standards, the lowest consumer safety standards 4.

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Nafta – Ralph Nader, Free Trade and the Decline of Democracy Essay
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Why is Nader convinced that there are ‘no winners’ in free trade The corporate-induced race to the bottom is a game that no country or community can win There is always some place in the world that is a little worse off, where the living conditions are a little bit more wretched. 5. What is Nader’s alternative to an international economy based on free trade? Only national government representatives are allowed to participate in the trade agreement dispute resolution; citizen organizations are locked out. Osama Bin Laden – Declaration of Jihad against Americans occupying the Land of the Two Holy Mosques 1.

How does bin Laden perceive the Muslims’ place in the world? He develops an interest in Islamic theology and helps the Pakistani-Afghan border to aid Afghan holy warriors, and fought against the soviet troops and supported the Muslims 2. Why does bin Laden oppose the existing government of Saudi Arabia? Because of the muslim influence he became an outspoken critic of the Saudi regime for its corruption, failure to implement shariah or Islamic law, and its acceptance of a U. S. military presence 3. What are the goals of the Zionist-Crusaders alliance according to bin Laden?

The people of Islam are awakened and realized that they are the main target for the aggression of the Zionist-Crusaders alliance 4. What lessons can be learned, according to bin Laden, by the U. S. response to terrorist attacks and military setbacks in Beirut, Aden, and Somalia? They have been disgraced by Allah and withdrew, the extent of their impotence and weaknesses became very clear 5. Why is bin Laden convinced that Muslims will triumph their struggle with the United States? They know that the Muslims of the world will assist and help them to victory to liberate their Holy Places which is the duty of every Muslim in this world. . What do you perceive as bin Laden’s ultimate political and religious goals? Under circumstances, to push the enemy out of the country is a prime duty, and no other duty after belief is more important. Muslims not to be enaged In a internal war among themselves, but efforts to be concentrated on destroying fighting and killing the enemy. Perestroika – <Summary> -no questions in the article Recently, the country began to lose momentum, economic failures became frequent, and socialism began to appear in life; in the time of scientific and technological revolution opened up new prospects for economic process.

Income growth rates declined and fallen to a level of economic stagnation. Putting more material, labor, and working time into an item to sell it at a higher place was increasing. Political flirtation and mass distribution of awards, titles, and bonuses replaced genuine concerns. And the energy for revolutionary change has been accumulating to people and in the Party. The specific feature of socialism protects the highest degree in our society, and there is no virtually unemployment. Everyone is given a job and wage-leveling has become a regular feature. Health care is free and education also.

However, the biggest success of Perestroika is people’s attitude towards it. The plenary meeting encouraged extensive efforts to strengthen democratic basis of Soviet society and to develop self-government. Perestroika means overcoming stagnation process, also means mass initiative. It’s the intensification of the Soviet economy and the priority development of the social sphere aimed at better satisfaction. Nasser – From Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Philosophy of Revolution Summary 1 – It is remarkable for the absence of personal egotism and power-lust so common to initiators of coups d’etat.

And it is remarkable for the painful, humble, self-searching and self-analysis that the leader of the Egyptian revolution. The enemies of Egypt (and of the Arab world) will almost certainly seize upon Premier Nasser’s account of his disillusionment with the immediate aftermath of the overthrow of the old regime — a disillusionment with the national forces that the Junta of young officers expected to rally in unity, and of which they conceived themselves to be only a vanguard, prepared to yield place to older and wiser men.

Once social and national with whose record we are familiar has let loose similar terrible forces. But their leaders have not sought to restrain these forces but rather to in- flame and exacerbate them, and by setting each against all mount to the absolute power to suppress each and all. Everyone wants liberty and freedom. European society passes through the stages of evolution with Renassiance, middle ages and the Nineteenth century. However in Egypt it was sudden and rapid, because of the torrents of ideas and opinions bursting. In a yet crystallized society, things could be easily lost.

We can not ignore our place in the world but neither can we ignore the Arab circle surrounding us. The Arab circle is the most important and most connected with us, emerging in history also. We’ve suffered hardships, crises with them. Observing the Palestine crisis, it was not merely fighting on foreign territory but it was a duty imposed of self defense. The Arab nations entered the War with enthusiasm and came out with same bitterness and frustration. Looking at the consequences of the war, the bitterness gave the concept that this may be happening right now, in other laces in the world.


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