Name of artist/designers Essay

Name of work
What does this artwork represent
How does the setting of the painting represent the worldview/social status of the patron?
What technique does the artist prefer for this painting? Why?
What kind of symbolism can be found in these paintings?
Daguerreotype :a photograph taken by an early photographic process employing an iodine-sensitive silvered plate and mercury vapor
Calotype : A photographic process in which a positive image is made by shining light through a negative image onto a sheet of sensitized paper.

Gesamtkunstwerk : (German, ‘total artwork’ or ‘collective artwork’) Term coined by Richard Wagner for a dramatic work in which poetry, scenic design, staging, action, and music all work together toward one artistic expression.

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Name of artist/designers Essay
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Einfuhlung : understanding so intimate that the feelings, thoughts, and motives of one person are readily comprehended by another
Kunstwollen : the will of form; Kunstwollen proposed that all works of art in a given period will find a shared formal expression, quite different from the stated ambitions of their makers.

Arts & crafts
Divisionism : The juxtaposition of tiny dots of unmixed paints, giving an overall effect of color when mixed optically by the viewer’s eye from a distance, usually associated with the Postimpressionists.

Synthetism :a genre of French painting characterized by bright flat shapes and symbolic treatments of abstract ideas
proletariat :Marx’s term for the exploited class, the mass of workers who do not own the means of production
Flaneur :one who strolls about aimlessly; a lounger; a loafer.

Modernismo :literary movement inspired by French symbolism and Parnassians current at the turn of the nineteenth century
Impasto :painting that applies the pigment thickly so that brush or palette knife marks are visible
The Snake Charmer
Artist : Jean-Leon Gerome,
Date : c. 1870
Media : Oil on canvas
Style : Orientalism
-Portrays nineteenth century fantasy of the middle east, shows a young boy entirely naked handling a python while an older man behind him plays a fipple flute and a group of mercenaries watches.

-Setting is a large blue tiled room decorated with calligraphic patterns
-Scene is painted with an almost photographic clarity and attention to detail leading us to think it is an accurate representation of a specific event
Gerome traveled to the middle east several times and was praised by critics of the 1855 salon for his ethnographic accuracy
-Yet the overall narrative of snake charmer is complete fiction mixing Egyptian Turkish and Indian cultures in a fantastic pastiche
The Artist’s Studio
Artist : Louis-jaques-mande daguerre
Date : c. 1837
Media : Photograph : camera obscura
Style : Daguerreotype
– something
The Open Door
Artist : Henry Fox Talbot
Date : c. 1843
Media : Salt paper print form a calotype negative
Style :
-Expresses nostalgia for rural way of life that was fast disappearing in industrial england
Artist : Charles Garnier
Date : c. 1861-1874
Media : location : Paris
-Expresses nostalgia for rural way of life that was fast disappearing in industrial england
Found in both academic and avant-garde art in the nineteenth century
Edward said describes : the colonial gaze in which the colonizer gazes upon the colonized orient as something to possess, as a primitive or exotic playground for the civilized European visitor, in which native men are savage and despotic and native women are sultry and sexually available


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