Naming Acids and Bases

Binary acids (H___) and acids with polyatomic ions
What are the the 2 main groups for acids?
Binary acids have the H+ in front. There will be an -ide ending, so you would make it hydro- -ic acid
How do you name a binary acid?
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Naming Acids and Bases
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There will be -ate or -ite ending.
-ate –> -ic acid
-ite –> -ous acid
How do you name acids with polyatomic ions (oxyacids)?
-ate -ic … -ite -ous
(eight-ick-aight-is sounds like a disease)
What’s the mnemonic that helps you remember how to name oxyacids?
No new rules!
NaOH = Sodium hydroxide
NH4OH = Ammonium hydroxide
Cu(OH)2 = Copper II hydroxide
How do you name a base?

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