Narrative - descriptive - crime that happens in school Essay

The school day started like any other day. I walked into the building and pressed my body up against the cold hard walls of the school so I would not be seen on camera. As I scurry down the halls, passed the office, I hear a familiar voice, “Lisa, get over here Immediately. ” It was Mrs.. Leone, the vice principal. Well there was absolutely no way I was turning around so I picked up the pace hoping she would Just go away. My hopes quickly faded as I glanced over my shoulder and noticed she was right behind e, still screaming my name aloud.

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Narrative – descriptive – crime that happens in school Essay
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I turned the volume up on my MPH player to avoid getting In trouble for opposition to authority after all, I do not disrespect teachers… On purpose anyways. I Just simply could not hear her over my exceptionally loud music. Now. I realize I am extremely late for Math class and walk at a faster pace to my locker. Just as I turn around, I notice I have lost Mrs.. Leone. A wave of relief comes over me. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I jump about a mile until I realize it was just my friend, Amanda. “Lisa, are you out of your mind? You are in so much trouble! Mrs..

Leone is looking everywhere for you! ” says Amanda. I shrug it off. I mean how long can she possibly look for me. I decide not to go to first period as I may be called out if she looks up my schedule. So, I head towards the cafeteria, again with my body up against the walls. I definitely cannot take a chance of her watching me on camera. She may be able to find me that way. Now you must realize I am a professional when it comes to dodging these cameras, I have been doing this for over three years now! So anyways, I go sit in the cafeteria until my next class starts.

Amanda comes to tell e again that she overheard Mrs.. Leone talking and I am in major trouble now seeing how I missed first period. I quietly think to myself “Oh no, I really am in trouble. Can she not Just leave me alone already? Move on to the next suspect. ” Lunch ends and I go up to English class. As I walk In, my teacher, Ms. Smith, who has great shoes and, may I add, has a great wardrobe, takes one look at me and loses it. Now I have always known Ms. Smith to be an extremely fair individual but she went psychotic on me. “Lisa don’t you dare walk Into my classroom, get down to the office

NOW! ” She was upset. For a split second I was actually terrified, she yelled so loud. I must have really screwed up. So here It goes, I have to go down to the office and face Mrs.. Leone one on one. As I walk down to the office, I am extremely nervous. Sweat Is seeping through my pores. I cannot make It stop. Maybe It Is because I know what I did was wrong. On the other hand, maybe I was just warm. I had butterflies in my stomach and thought I was going to be sick. As I walk into the office, Mrs.. Leone yells at me once more “

Whoa! I could have sworn the floor shook as she yelled at me so I quickly walked into her office without any questions. She walks in polite person however, at that moment, I knew she was serious. She starts “Ms. Moore, you have violated the rules of the school and you will pay! That is a fact young lady. ” “Your violation is an UN-tucked shirt with sleeves extended beyond the school shirt. ” My mouth dropped when I heard those words. I mean this is serious now the school police will be called in and I will be arrested for the crime. I begged her “Mrs..

Leone, please do not do this. I am very sorry, and I promise it will not happen again. ” Nevertheless, it was too late the school police were already at the door as one grabbed me and pinned my arms behind me to put on my handcuffs. As I walk out the door Mrs.. Leone states “You are right Lisa, this will never happen again or you will not be allowed to graduate. You did the crime, you do the time. ” As I was led to the police mobile I turned back to take, one more look at the school and realized it was time to change my ways. No more uniform violations.


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