Narrative Response Essay

One way that I can relate to Emmerson’s teaching of individualism is dealing with standardized teaching inK-12 schools, and how itaffectedmyself as well as my fellow studentsand how we were treatedlike numbers instead ofpeopleas well as just another problem that the teachers had to deal with 5 times a week,6 hours a day.Because ofthis, students were not taught in detail and the number of graduates decreased and the number of students increased from the lack of course knowledge.

Standardized testing is said to be the best way for students to learn and develop, but the people in which it effects say otherwise. In myexperiences,there were two groups of students in the school, the first that was placed inAP classes and the second whichwere put in “regular” classes, the kids who were placed in the AP program got good grades and were taught how someone expects students should be taught inhigh schoolcourses. Then there was my group,the average student where the teachers didn’t care about the students and simply gave us busy work and said good luck!This style of “teaching” caused many students grades to go down including mine. So, from there I decided that it would be on me to find a way to be able to be successful in my classes with some outside help that wasn’t from the school district. When my parents sawthat my grades had gone downduringthe course ofonly a few weeks they started to ask questions and I told them in fullwhat was going on. Togetherwe developed a plan on how to combat this problemstarting with going to the teachers and asking about their syllabus and how they run the class. My parents asked the teachers about their syllabusbut it seemed thatonlytwo of my teachersevenknew of the concept of a syllabus and those were the classesin whichI had been doing good in. wethenproceeded to make appointments and talk with the rest of my teacherswhere wekept running into the same problemover and overagain,The lack ofasyllabus. The teachers plan was simply toputout the required information that they needed to cover in the semesterand nothing morebut they didn’t exactly know how they were going to do it but were confident that theycoulddo it.After my parentsand Iwent through about sevendifferentparent teacher conferenceswhich hadthe same outcome we decided to go one step higher and request to talk with theprinciple of the school whoin the endnever agreed to have a conference with uswhichfrustratedmy parents even more.
This is when we decided that it would be in my best intentions to just start doing thingson my ownand stop trying to follow the teachers and proceed to find my own way of learningwhich had ended up being as simple asgoing page by page in the text books from the class,instead of trying to learn from listening to the classlecturessince they were confusing to beginwith. This lead to me getting to know the course better since I was studying material that should be essential to the course but was not required to be taught. Having to read and teach myself how to do the work was a big hassle and took up a huge amount of my free time, but was well worth it in the end allowing for me toraise my grades to passallmyclassesas well as help with understanding how to complete various assignments in which the other students found themselves lostin. This processcontinuedfor many months until I said enough! And recommendedto my parentsthat I switch to homeschool instead because I was teaching myself anyways and homeschool would allow for me to be in a better learning environment andIdidn’t have many friends to begin with at the school anywaysso leaving wouldn’t hurt me too much.In theendmy parents adopted the idea and decided to go fully on board with it and started out-processing me from the school so I could officially starthomeschooling. Once the madness had stopped and we became free from the shackles in which had bonded me to public schooling wesigned up for the local sylvan program as well as a private schooling organization that held class twice a week at a local churchwhich hosted a home schooling program.

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Every program Ientered intoafter leaving public school started becomingquite costly but my parents theorized that it would be quite beneficial in the long run. After everything had been coordinated,my parents entrusted me to get my school work done during the week when they were not there to watch me which was a big deal since I had only been a Freshman in high school at the time. At this point my world began to change from being a hopeless child who would neglect his homework to what my parents referred to as a responsible young adult. As I continued through the rest of the semester it hit me that school wasn’t hard because of my ability to learn butthat I had become too much of an individual still carryingallthe burden on my back since it was how I had beentaught to learn in public school where Ihadjustbeenanother number.
But now I had people who cared about meand people who tooksome of the stress of learning off my back and allowed for me to relax and concentrate on other things besides school allowing for me to excel in one of my most favorite subjects in school,band.

Before I knew it my freshman year of high school had finished,my GPA rose to a Fairley respectable numberand from this experience I hadcome out with the ability to think for myself allowing for me to be able to transfer mynew-foundskill to my newhighschool which had a good reputation forputting out successful students since almost every class had been treated as an AP course. At the new school teachers seemed to care about their student and would take time out of their day to help individual students if they were struggling in the class.Since the school put priority on the students instead of money I was able excel in my classes learn more and started to enjoy what I had come to hate in the past.


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