National education Essay

A Good National Education Nowadays, national education is a hot topic of Hong Kong. People who live in Hong Kong think that national education is a type of brainwashing education that should be withdrawn immediately. Brainwashing education is meaning that inculcate some Ideas to someone when he Is a young kid for changing their mind. However, In my opinion, this is not a consummate national education and we should need a better national education in Hong Kong.

A good national education should not include any political advertising. Also, it can tell us the background of our place and how to develop the future of the nation. According to the CB News article, “Parents, teachers and pupils afraid that the Beijing authorities to indoctrinate the young into unquestioning support of China’s Communist Party by using the national education. ” 1 That is the main problem of the national education in Hong Kong. First, political advertising must not Include In national education.

From the name of political advertising, we can clearly understand that this is an action to advertise the idea of the political parties. For example, newspapers, televisions and radio are the ways of advertising. Especially, the political advertising Is talking about different view f political Ideas. Even If a single political advertising, It should be more careful to avoid for becoming the type of ‘brainwashing’. Moreover, Alexis W. Mentioned that “Education refers to the process of learning and acquiring information.

Education can be divided Into two mall types, they are formal learning through an Institution such as a school and self-taught learning or what Is often termed life In any kind of subjects, self-taught learning and experience is still the main mission of education, also no advertising is included. In addition, according to Desert News article, “Children are vulnerable to clever advertising. Advertising that create a party atmosphere around tobacco and alcohol products leave an Impression that Is largely subconscious and, therefore, long-lasting. 3 If political advertising included in the national education, young children will easily influenced by the political party, so that someone may say national education is a ‘brainwashing education’ and cause to the failure of national education. Therefore, If government needs to continue to carry out the national education, it should promise that there is no political advertising included in the subject and to add in some elements to increase the meaningful of his subject. Second, Hong Kong Is a special place that should mention In annual education.

According to the article, “Hong Kong is situated on the south-east coast of China and the island was ceded to the British in 1842 and on 30th of June 1997 Britain returned Hong Kong to China and she Is now classed as a Special Administrative Region of China operating under the principle of ‘one country two systems’. “4 Hong Kong Is having a special background. Unfortunately, children who born in or after ass are usually confused with this background of Hong Kong and have less knowledge about ‘OFF ten place Tanat teeny are living. Due to tans problem, In Hong Kong, we need a student that includes some history and background of Hong Kong.

In my view, a better national education can help to refer to the special background of Hong Kong. ‘National education’ is a subject talking about our nation. It does not like science or mathematics because it can help us to build up the knowledge of being a Hong Kong citizen beside the academic results. So, student in Hong Kong may increase their common sense of our living place and raise the sense of belonging of Hong Kong. For example, the nation flag, anthem and the culture also have the great changing after he year 1997. They are the good issues that can discuss to the children during the national education lesson.

Therefore, we need a better nation education to mention more about the background of Hong Kong that can help children clearly understand about their living place. Third, in Hong Kong, we always listen ‘sustainable development’. According to article of Hong Kong government, “The concept of sustainable development requires a change of mindset to bring about full integration of the needs for economic and social development with that to conserve the environment. 5 It is another good issue that can mention in the lesson of national education.

Due to the sustainable development is also a global topic, the children of Hong Kong need to have some knowledge for keeping Hong Kong to be a clean, comfortable and pleasant home. This is also the dirty of every generation. If the topic of sustainable development can include in the national education, young children can have a good impression and importance to keep develop our living place in a sustainable way. Therefore, a good national education needs a good topic, for example, sustainable development that ay help to build Hong Kong to a world-class city.

However, in Hong Kong, many parents need the Hong Kong government to withdraw the national education immediately. According to the BBC News article, “Parents gathered to debate how to stop the imminent introduction of compulsory classes that critics say is an attempt to brainwash the city’s children by the Chinese government in Beijing. “6 They afraid that national education is becoming a brainwashing education used by China’s Communist Party to express their idea to the young children. However, in my opinion, we should not stop this subject and should improve this subject.

Beside the political advertising must not include in this subject, we can talk about the background of Hong Kong and the way of development in this subject. Nation education is having the value in Hong Kong. In conclusion, in Hong Kong, national education is a hot topic. Some of us think that government should stop it immediately and no more brainwashing education in Hong Kong. However, I think that we should not ban this subject. We need to have national education in Hong Kong and improve it. That means we need a better national education in Hong Kong. A better national education must not include any political advertising.

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