National Identification System Essay

Should a national identification system in which each American’s DNA pattern is registered be established?
Has the U.S. come to the point where we have to devise a national identification system in which everyone’s DNA pattern is registered in a network of computers? I believe so, and the process of using a person’s DNA pattern for a national identification system is a very good idea. This identification system could be used to offer new jobs, put criminals – who are guilty – in jail, and also provide people with medical information about themselves and their health.

I believe using a person’s DNA pattern for a national identification system is a very good idea, even better than fingerprints. Although every human being is 99.9% identical, that .1% left makes a big difference between two people. By using a genome of 3 billion letters ? your DNA chain ? that tenth (.1%) is actually three million separate links in your DNA chain. That is how the difference between two people is figured out. I know it’s a difficult process, but it can be very useful in our society today, and that is why I think it is a very good idea.

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National Identification System Essay
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Although the identification system is a very complicated matter it could open up doors for job opportunities, for people that qualify. People that are qualified for the job might have to be: computer literate, able to work long hours, reliable and trustworthy to run sophisticated and expensive machinery, and have a background of knowledge of the DNA chain and patterns among it. Also, probably being a government funded job, benefits would be available, and the pay wouldn’t be too bad either.

Fingerprints are very useful in burglary and property crimes, but what about a rape case? Fingerprints wouldn’t be very useful in a rape case, so DNA testing would have to be done on semen samples found at the scene of a crime. Fingerprint variations are spectacular and were considered state of the art about 10 years ago, but not any more. Now we are capable of reading DNA patterns, and DNA is a hard thing to fight against in court when a person’s DNA and the DNA found at a crime scene are identical.

DNA patterns are also useful when searching for diseases or types of cancer that a person might be subject too in their older age. So by using DNA as a national identification system we could also provide people with important information about their health and what they are to suspect in the future. Also if a person knew about a type of cancer they might be subject too, they could tell a doctor and treat the cancer before it comes about and be cured of the cancer before it even started to effect their life.

DNA patterns, as a national identification system isn’t a bad idea. Having many good qualities, I’m sure there are bad qualities, but it seems like a very useful idea that could benefit today’s society. So, I think a national identification system by using a person’s DNA pattern is a good idea and if came to the poles for election, would sure get my vote.



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