Natty Bumpo Sample Essay

The Leatherstocking Tales are one of the greatest sagas every written in American literature. He lived with the Mohicans on huge prairie and helped protect their land. He adventured the west finishing many great undertakings and workss for people. Natty Bumppo the chief character in the Leatherstocking Tales. was a true frontier hero in both words and actions. Natty is a woodman. trapper. and lookout on the prairie. He is most famously known for his marksmanship and carries a rifle named Killdeer. Natty loves to populate more in nature than he does in civilisation. He lives with the Mohicans and helps them through their tests and trials. He mixed two different elements of civilization in his life. a white colonist life with Indians. Although Natty ever clarified that he had no Indian blood in him. that he was a good Christian adult male. Even though Natty ever clarified the fact that he was non Indian. he was against the thought of the confrontation between both white colonists and Indians. When Natty was a kid Ming Indians murdered his parents and left him orphaned. Yet he still represents the Indian mentality. a barbarian that kills in cold blood while observing nature.

He besides befriends the Chief of Delaware Chingachgook and they are inseparable. Although when Natty Bumppo is an old adult male and is on his decease bed. he tells a white friend on his that he wants a proper entombment. that he went into the universe a Christian and was traveling to go forth this universe one. The Legacy of Natty Bumppo is immortalized in the The Leatherstocking Tales everlastingly. Natty had many nick names Hawkeye. Trapper. La Longue Carabine. and many others. He besides had an adopted boy. Chief of the Mohicans. named Hard Heart. He didn’t have a batch in this life. but what he did hold he either returned like his rifle and his pouch. His other ownerships like his trap and his Canis familiaris he left to his boy. Natty Bumppo was a great adult male. suppressing many undertakings and efforts that most work forces in his clip wouldn’t daring. He went against the grain in his clip. by being populating with the Indians. His stuck up for what he believed was right even when it was seen as to baronial at the clip because of who associated with. He was a baronial hero for contending for the Indians. even when Indians had killed his ain household. He believed that bond between Whites and Indians should be just and equal. which is what we do today with everyone.

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Natty Bumpo Sample Essay
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