Nature Of Project And Site Construction Essay

For this peculiar undertaking, it is recommended for Hi-Rize Development 2011 ( HRD 2011 ) to name a qualified and experient Client ‘s Project Manager due to many distinctive features of the undertaking and site, every bit good as the particular demands outlined by the client. These are explained in greater item, below.

1.1 Nature of undertaking and site

First, while HRD 2011 has identified a site, it has non yet been acquired and a undertaking director working straight with the client can assist with the assessment of this site prior to its acquisition. If necessary, he may urge an alternate site, which may convey better value to his client ‘s investing. Second, the clients have commissioned WNP Partners to bring forth lineation proposal which although has already been submitted for be aftering permission, could still be re-evaluated with regard to specific building systems and expected edifice public presentation. By working closely with a client, the undertaking director would be in a place to supply a 2nd sentiment on how the undertaking should continue. For illustration, determinations need to be made on structural frame, constructing envelope, and service degrees. Besides, there are issues with site ‘s geological status ( flaxen dirt over clay ) which need assessment, as this would hold an impact on infrastructure, including foundation system and belowground parking. These are determinations excessively of import to be left in the custodies of designers entirely, every bit competent as they ( WNP Partners ) may be. The client needs to be enlightened about many issues and given options, while being protected from doing headlong determinations without sing options and deductions.

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Nature Of Project And Site Construction Essay
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1.2 Client demands

Apart from the nature of the undertaking, the clients have some demands in this undertaking which need to be met expeditiously and efficaciously. This includes the desire to hold a state-of-the-art ( or high spec ) edifice which is advanced in the engineerings used both in building and in public presentation of services. This demand calls for experient rating of available edifice services suppliers every bit good as building methods. A undertaking director working straight with a client should be able to supply way in footings of utilizing advanced but sustainable solutions including green building stuffs and procedures every bit good as low-energy ( or low C ) edifice services such as optimizing natural airing and daylighting, without compromising occupant comfort. Additionally, because the client besides requires quality over clip and so cost, this places accent on bring forthing a installation which performs extremely high in footings of its life-cycle. A esteemed edifice, such as the one desired by the client has to hold every facet of its construction and system carefully selected after thorough rating, if the edifice is to do a statement or be an well-thought-of icon on the landscape. Finally, one of the strongest grounds for a client ‘s undertaking director is the desire for single-point duty over the professional duty of interior decorators and cost advisers. A client ‘s undertaking director is good suited to play this function of individual point duty ( Gould and Joyce, 2009 ; Sears et al. 2008 ) . Appendix A shows inside informations of the client demands.

2.0 Project administration and direction

This subdivision describes the mode in which the proposed undertaking should be organised and managed. The major undertakings and activities related to the full undertaking from origin to completion and handover are covered, including: decision-making and organizational construction ; rating and choice of procurance paths ; work breakdown construction ; quality direction

2.1 Decision-making and organizational construction

Throughout the continuance of the undertaking along its stages, decision-making and hierarchy would be of import. The proposed decision-making and organizational construction of this undertaking depends on overall duty lying with the client, who is competently assisted by a undertaking director. The undertaking director in bend is responsible for organizing the activities of two weaponries of the hierarchy. On one manus, he has to organize design squad and contractors ; while on the other, he has to take duty for the cost, legal, safety, planning and specialization demands of the undertaking ( CIOB, 1996 ) .

2.2 Major undertakings and activities

The major undertakings and activities for this undertaking can be subdivided based on three undertaking phases. The three stages are: ( a ) planning and definition ; ( B ) design and ( degree Celsius ) procurance and building. The major activities are as follows:

Planing and definition activities

Appointment of undertaking director

Briefing and budgeting

Specifying client ‘s public presentation standards

Conceptual/preliminary design and planning

Design activities

Architectural and technology designs

Specialist designs

Detail cost planning

Scheduling and programming

Procurement and building activities

Preparation of stamp paperss

Pre-selection and tendering

Appraisal and recommendation of contractors

Mobilization of contractor

Site clearance and land plants


Superstructure and enclosure

Servicess and coatings

External plants and landscape gardening

Inspection and handover

2.3 Evaluation and choice of procurance paths

The chief procurance methods have been explained and evaluated briefly, with regard to this undertaking, below.

2.3.1 The standard procurance methods

There are three common or standard methods of building procurance. These include traditional method, design and construct method, and direction method, as explained below.

Traditional method: In traditional attack to procurement, the client would name a design squad, a cost adviser ( quantity surveyor ) responsible for fiscal and contractual advice, every bit good as a contractor to put to death the work, normally chosen after a tendering procedure ( CIOB, 1996 ) . Due to the distinctive features of this undertaking and high outlooks of client, this procurance method is non recommended to the client as many cardinal determinations need to be made by a coordinating ( client ‘s undertaking ) director

Design and build method: This method involves the client naming a contractor who is responsible for the designing, bing and building of the installation. The contractor would normally name advisers to assist him with the design and cost facets, while he over sees existent building ( CIOB, 1996 ) . This method is non recommended or applicable to the client ( HRD 2011 ) because they have already appointed a adviser who has produced designs already at the planning blessing phase.

Management method: In this case, the client appoints professional advisers to bring forth drawings and public presentation specifications, merely as in the traditional attack of procurance. However, in add-on, a direction contractor ( client ‘s undertaking director ) who coordinates the undertaking is besides appointed, sometimes through a procedure of tendering and interviews. A selected undertaking director is so appointed is paid based on the services he renders on behalf of the client ( CIOB, 1996 ) .This option suits the current undertaking fortunes and is hence recommended to the client.

2.3.2 Details ( and advantages ) of preferred procurance method

In direction procurance involves either direction contracts or building direction. In direction contracts, the client appoints professional advisers who produce drawings and specifications for the undertaking. The direction contractor is chosen after tendering and interview procedures and he compensated for his scheduled services. However, in building direction procurance, the client selects a lead interior decorator ( who is responsible for all designs ) , a building director ( who is responsible for direction and coordination ) while the client is responsible for general way and doing contract understandings with trade contractors who are under his control ( CIOB, 1996 ) ..

Advantage of direction procurance includes the fact that it is good suited to big complex undertakings such as the one being embarked by HRD 2011. It works good when completion clip needs to be speedy and specific issues have non been determined at the oncoming. For case, in this instance when the client requires a esteemed edifice constructed and fitted utilizing advanced engineering, issues such as low C edifice systems and green building stuffs ( which can significantly heighten the undertaking ‘s repute and prestigiousness ) have to be decided as the undertaking goes along. This is because, obviously, WNP Partners ( the designers ) have non made specific and elaborate commissariats for such facets in their initial designs and betterments would necessitate to be made along the manner. The client would therefore be advised at assorted phases, about the state-of-the-art options available, and advised by his undertaking director during rating and choice. Furthermore, the singularity of the proposed development requires specialized contractors, who can be selected early plenty utilizing direction method, without traveling through the cogency of traditional methods or bureaucratism ( CIOB, 1996 ; Gould and Joyce, 2009 )

2.4 Cost planning and cost control

Cost planning is indispensable so that the client would hold an overview of the cost of the undertaking. The client would probably hold a budget which covers the ball amount he is willing to apportion to the undertaking. However, a cost program ( how much is spent on what, and when ) is required for gauging hard currency flow during building every bit good as running cost for the installation, if applicable ( or budget allows for it ) . Allowance in cost planning besides needs to be made for eventualities, professional fees, direct costs and the client ‘s modesty. The cost program would normally be made in conformity to the maestro programme. However, cost besides needs to be controlled to maintain outgo within client ‘s budget. Cost control would therefore require cost coverage where estimation of fiscal cost of undertaking, future hard currency flow and costs in usage of completed installation would be documented. All determinations made during design and building stages would be fore-casted and options should ever be considered in line with expected public presentation. Interceding with design, cost and building squads is therefore an of import function for the client ‘s undertaking director for cost planning and control to be effectual ( CIOB, 1996 ) .

2.5 Quality Management

The purpose of quality direction is to guarantee that the client receives value for their money. For the client to be satisfied with the result of the undertaking, it is necessary for a quality direction system to be in topographic point ( CIOB, 1996 ) . Ideally, if the participating advisers and contractors have been certified by recognized quality confidence administrations ( e.g. ISO, TQM, PRINCE2 every bit good as environmentally-related undertaking assessors like BREEAM ) , so this makes it easy for criterions to be set and pursued. The client ‘s undertaking director could therefore act as a cardinal individual during the tendering procedure, guaranting that certified professionals are selected where possible. In this peculiar instance, fast-tracking ( over-lapping of design with building ) can be expected and even prior to existent procurance and building procedure, the client ‘s undertaking director will discourse and over-see the quality criterions expected in the undertaking ( Sears, et Al. 2008 ) . This will cover all facets including design, services, stuffs and procedures. It is hence of import that the client ‘s undertaking director is a extremely experient and certified professional, who understands the different quality enfranchisement criterions and procedures ( CIOB, 1996 ) .

2.6 Undertaking planning

Undertaking be aftering involves the development of a undertaking program and a maestro programme. The maestro programme would be developed and agreed by client/project director and the relevant advisers. The elaborate programme for assorted phases would later on be prepared when the indispensable and elaborate issues have been resolved. The undertaking director is responsible for supervising the attachment to the maestro programme and the phase programmes CIOB ( 1996 ) . A linked saloon chart programme of the pre-construction stage has been prepared in the following subdivision.

3.0 Linked saloon chart concentrating on pre-construction period

A difficult transcript of the linked saloon chart is being submitted with this papers.


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