Nature vs. Nurture Paper Outline Essay

Thesis: The argument on the relative importance of nature versus that of nurture had been long and fruitless. L. Numerous great minds have participated In this debate over the years. A. Most debate has either remained divisive or lacking of evidence. B. Although this question has been largely solved In the animal world, scientists continue to try to test humans. (Publicly 2002) C. Humans are resistant to emplace analysis. Modern Issues on the subject can be clearly be related back to the works of Locke and Hobbes. A. Lock believed that knowledge is gained only through the use of senses. 1. Tabular Rasa 2.

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Nature vs. Nurture Paper Outline Essay
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Theory of human nature B. Hobbes purposed that naturally fearful and violent mechanical processes dictate human actions. 1. Leviathan 2. Humans only hope is to submit to an organized state. 20th century understanding introduced the evolutionary idea of a reaction norm. A. Reactions norms are all the possible behaviors one with certain genes may exhibit due too variety of environmental conditions. (Publicly 2002) B. Changes In genes or environments cause dramatic Impacts on resulting behavior. C. A genotype-environment Interaction Is the way genes and environments Interact to generate an organism’s appearance and behavior.

Allentown 1984) IV. Conclusion A. There is no sensible answer to this question. Left responding, “l don’t know. ” C. The question only leads us to examine our own practices of public policy and ethical consequences. Sources Allentown, R. C. , S. Rose, and L. J. Gamin. 1984. Not in our genes : biology, ideology, and human nature.


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