NCEE in the Philippines Sample Essay

A paradigm displacement must take topographic point acknowledging that in order to be genuinely globally competitory. we must hold a globally competent educational substructure ; The demand to be more globally competitory becomes even more desperate when we take into visible radiation the 2012 Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum. In it. 144 states are evaluated and ranked based on their Global Competitiveness Index determined by pillar indices like market efficiency. technological preparedness. and ofcourse Higher Education and Training. Overall The Philippines ranks 65th ; 10 topographic points higher than last twelvemonth. . Although the Philippines has improved its overall ranking. it still falls behind its neighbours. Thailand is 38 and Indonesia is 50. Yes it has increased. but we are the least competitory in the ASEAN 5. So how does this relate to the execution of the NCEE? You see. the above pillars are farther subdivided into assorted constituents. For illustration. under Higher Education and Training is Quality of Math and Science Education where Philippines ranks 98th. Under Health and Primary Education. on the standard of Quality of Primary Education. the Philippines is figure 86.

The positive subscribers to our ranking include. Gross national nest eggs. 47 ; Domestic market size. 29 ; and one of the highest being available air hose seats ( insert wit ) we rank 26. Nowhere in any of the subdivided indices will you see our educational substructure assisting our overall rank. infact its drawing us down. Clearly. a complete inspection and repair of our educational substructure is necessary and the execution of the NCEE. manus in manus with the k12 system of instruction non merely gives us this chance to be more globally competitory. it about surely guarantees it. ( restate in drumhead why NCEE helps quality of instruction ) . Through the NCEE we will hold a more globally competent educational substructure. we become more globally competitory. The demand to be in the higher percentile of Globally Competitive states can non be stressed plenty. with it we become more internationally relevant. and we become that much closer to be recognized as a stable and progressive state.

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NCEE in the Philippines Sample Essay
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