Necessity is the Mother of Invention Essay


“Necessity is the female parent of invention” ( Plato, 427-347BC ) and so raised the demand of a treadmill.

“The treadmill is an exercising device that is designed for walking or running in topographic point. ( They are the ) most popular piece of exercising equipment these yearss and ( are ) really normally used in both fittingness centres and places. It is a convenient and efficient manner to acquire cardiovascular exercising and is frequently used to assist lose weight” ( Prontes, 2009 ).

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention Essay
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The first treadmill was built in 1875 and was non used for worlds to exert on but to acquire harness the energy of animate beings to acquire power. These were called “level power treadmills” and were built in all sizes. By 1920 ‘s devices like treadmill were used in mills like Ford Motors for go throughing car parts across the mill through conveyor belts. This measure turned to be really utile and successful as it cut labour costs to a great extent ( A History of Treadmills, 2009 ). The following major development took topographic point in 1952 with the “first medical treadmill”. It was made to place and measure bosom and lung diseases and was ab initio used on patients as emphasis a stand-in. This was invented by Robert Bruce ( male parent of exercising cardiology ) along with Wayne Quinton ( Marples, 2008 ). After this there was no turning back and the procedure of invention started. Peoples started to believe of ways to utilize it as an exercising machine without it being so nerve-racking and better the wellness of the user. By 1960 ‘s the treadmills became indispensable equipment in gyms and families. People no longer had to go forth their houses for a walk and could work out at their ain convenience ( A History of Treadmills, 2009 ).

The primary treadmill had many drawbacks, seeing this company ‘s like “Tunturi, Aerobics Inc., Woodway, Track Master, and Star Track” saw an chance and started constructing more “user-friendly and better treadmills” ( The History Of Treadmills Unearthed,2009 ).

Extent of relationship to old merchandise / service / procedure

The treadmills have come a long manner in front ; they have innovated foremost from immense bulky machines to sleeker 1s. They ab initio started off with manual treadmills which were a great work out but were really hard to run as they have no motors in them, hence taking a batch of energy and strain to get down it. While on the other manus, people now prefer utilizing motorized treadmill as they are easy operated and compact. You can easy set the velocity and incline degree in them without much attempt. They besides provide assorted workout Sessionss which are really utile. Though motorised treadmills are expensive as compared to manual treadmills, they are better and are deserving disbursement on ( Bumgardner, 2009 ). “Now you can even acquire a broad breadth treadmill that allows you to walk your Canis familiaris right alongside you while you exercise! ” ( Urban, 2006 ).

Treadmills found themselves utile in more ways than one, for illustration NASA had installed treadmills at their work topographic point to maintain their spacemans healthy in zero gravitation conditions ( A History of Treadmills, 2009 ).

Existing competition when foremost innovated

Initially when the treadmills were foremost innovated there were two major companies bring forthing it in the 1960 ‘s, which were the Tunturi and Aerobics, Inc. Tunturi is a Finland based company and now has the repute of “being one of the taking and best-known makers of high category fittingness equipment”. While Aerobics, Inc. started maximising their production in 1968 and have “grown from doing a simple mechanically-controlled treadmill to their award-winning Pro Series, having computerized electronics and automated controls”. After seeing a high demand for treadmills and it being profitable, many companies started bring forthing them. Some of these companies were Woodway in 1983, NASA with the Skylab, Trackmaster in 1978, Star Trac who were the first to “combined computing machine engineering with their treadmills” and many other companies followed on ( Marples, 2008 ). Obviously the treadmill industry has been really active throughout with companies go oning to introduce ( The History of Treadmills Unearthed, 2009 ).

Subsequent ( following ) competition

Treadmills have n’t faced any cut pharynx competition until late when egg-shaped trainers were introduced. Egg-shaped trainers give you a full organic structure exercise, are impact free and are the best in cardiovascular exercise. This characteristic attracts people with articulatio genus jobs as it requires less attempt. While a treadmill is best suited for a smugglers or joggers as they are more strenuous and focuses more on the lower organic structure. However, both the machines are great for an “aerobic exercise indoors” and it is up to the consumer to take what kind of work out he/she wants ( Hudson, 2009 ).

Resistance ( battle ) to innovation


Woodway ‘s history began in 1974, when Willi Schoenberger, a proficient manager in charge of be aftering a fittingness centre, noticed that the treadmill was n’t really sound automatically, and did n’t truly run into human demands. He wanted to make a comfy surface that did n’t interfere with the natural biomechanics of running or walking. His machine was well-named – from the German term “wald weg” or “way of the woods” – the feel of running on a soft pine needle-covered way in the wood. Licenses to fabricate Woodways were granted to Japan in 1983, and the U.S. in 1988. Woodway USA is now the primary maker of Woodway Treadmills worldwide. ( Marples,2008 )

Treadmills face a figure of jobs, the most common being that it “inclines up to high”. This normally leads the treadmill to “short out” and is followed on with a defective message stating “out of service”. Another job is of the treadmill agitating “back and Forth violently” because of the conveyer belt being broken down or pulley being loose on the interior. Both the jobs can merely be solved by the maintenance man who can turn out to be rather dearly-won on a monthly footing ( Rail, 2009 ).

The biggest disadvantage of treadmills is that people by and large tend to lose involvement with clip and it ‘s even more expensive as compared to the out-of-doorss. Another disadvantage being that they occupy more infinite and besides make ‘s the jogger inhale dust while ramble oning in a park would be like “paradise for our lungs” ( Wanjiru, 2009 ).

Hazard computation

Cost of production incurred, what impact on market, cost followed after

Future development / possibilities

Treadmills have surely come a long manner in front and clearly have a bright hereafter. They are really popular among all ages, be it kids, grownups or aged people. Some of the futuristic treadmills include submerged treadmills and eternal pool.

Underwater treadmills will be “treadmills submerged in water”. Being submerged the force per unit area would be more on the individual walking or running on the conveyer belt underwater, doing it difficult to run. These treadmills are really advantageous as they strengthen your musculuss and hips and remedy abdominal and back jobs. It will largely be utile for people who have undergone hip replacing surgeries and assist them mend faster. Underwater treadmills are safe and barely necessitate any care.

Endless Pool will be enclosed to an country or step 8 ” Ten 15 ” and will be used for swimming. The pool contains of currents which are flexible and can be adjusted to the users comfort. It strengthens all the motions made, doing the exercise more good ( The Future of Treadmills, 2009 ).

“The hereafter ( of treadmills ) holds a promising growing and development with assorted popular trade names making their unit of ammunitions in the market” ( The History of Treadmills Unearthed, 2009 ).


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