Neolithic Revolution Essay

William Choi 9/5/10 P. 6 Neolithic Revolution The Neolithic revolution is when agriculture started, also know as the Agriculture revolution. The men and women transitioned from being a nomadic hunting and gathering society to an agricultural community. This transition started to occur during 10,000 B. C. E. Before the Neolithic revolution, women were more matriarchal, during the Neolithic revolution, men and women had the same amount of work, after the Neolithic revolution, men were more patriarchal.

Before the Neolithic revolution, there was no such thing as agriculture, the men hunted and the women gathered fruits and plants everyday. Even thought the men went hunting everyday, they only caught one deer to eat for the whole month. The women had more responsibility because they gathered food, took care of the kids, fixed food for the family, and cleaned the house. Before agriculture started, women had more responsibility, were in charge, and were more matriarchal.

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During the Neolithic revolution, agriculture was spreading through the communities and becoming more useful. Men started to hunt less and started to farm more and women started to do less work. Men and women had the same amount of work during this time period, but, women working started to face away and men started to work more. Instead of men having to travel in a group to distant places, they were able to live in the same place and grow food. They were discovering that certain animals such as goats, sheep, cattle, and pigs, had dispositions that made them easy to manage.

They cultivated grasses such as oats, wheat, and barley, which provided nourishment to bigger groups of people. After the Neolithic revolution, agriculture has been the main lifestyle for all the people. This time, men are doing all the work, working out in the field, getting food, manage their animals, and stuff, while women were mostly in their home all the time, taking care of the children and making food. The community turned into a matriarchal community to a patriarchal community.

Although the Neolithic revolution did good things to people, their nutrition suffered due to lack of a balanced diet and were more likely to suffer from a diseases. Agriculture has started to grow during the Neolithic revolution. The community has transitioned from being a hunting and gathering society to a agricultural community. This transition happened during 10,000 B. C. E. Before the they found agriculture, women were gatherers and matriarchal, during the Neolithic revolution, men started doing more work then women, after this period, men were farming more, and hunting less.


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