NET410 Week 1 iLab Essay

NET410 Week 1 iLab BY Aptecl 205 NETW410 week 1 Lab Report Lab 1: OPNET LAN Modeling Tutonal Week 1 ‘Lab Report The first objective in the LAN Modeling tutorial is Setting Up the Scenario. The final step in setting up your scenario appears below. 1 . (30 points) Once your project is created (after Step 6 above), your workspace will contain a map of the United States. Your project and scenario name can be seen in ITGuru’s top window border in the form of Project: Scenario: .

Capture a screenshot of your new project workspace that clearly shows your project and scenario name, and paste it below. . (40 points) In college-level paragraph(s), describe how background traffic affects both e-mail data and VoIP data. In a network there is always the thought of VoIP traffic being effected by background traffic and same goes for email although emails should have lower priority as the receiver is usually not waiting on email traffic and no problems usually occur if email and internet browsing traffic are lower priority to that of other traffic such as VoIP.

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Companies generally hold both types of traffic in high regard though because without either of the two companies would have a difficult time ommunicating internally and with the outside world. Quality of service is used to make sure the priority of VoIP takes place over other types of traffic that are normally found in background traffic on a network.

In order to effectively manage your networks bandwidth when VoIP traffic is being sent and received on a network it is important to pick a proper codec for your VoIP transmissions which allows you to pick high or low quality codec’s with different bit sizes that use less bandwidth. When QoS is enabled on a network utilizing different ypes of traffic VoIP in particular a proper codec will allow you to compress the data packets in your VoIP communications to a size that requires less bandwidth.

Other functions of QoS other than packet prioritization are application classification and queuing at points of congestion and weighted fair queuing which is where low volume traffic is given preferential treatment and enables flows of high volume traffic to gain equity in whatever level of remaining capacity left in the que. This allows for larger traffic flows to take place unhindered without completely drowning out smaller flows of traffic.


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