Network installation and maintenance in abc Essay

Network Installation And Maintenance In ABC Company


The ABC Company has decided to put in a new web of Personal computer computing machines. The interoperability of an administration in the current tendency wholly depends on how good the networking system has been installed. This clearly explains the munificence of the importance in put ining such a system. Hence, taking appropriate constituents that aid in the installing of such systems becomes critical. A web can hold any figure of computing machines. The undermentioned analysis AIDSs in the determination doing procedure of taking the right constituents to construct an disposed working system.


Developing A Computer Network

To develop a computing machine web, a web decision maker is employed by the company. He will be responsible for planing, developing and keeping the web of systems. He has to make up one’s mind how the systems have to be arranged and how the connexion has to be established. The web constitutes of several computing machines and therefore a waiter system must be decided and installed ( Odom 2004 ) . This waiter system is the cardinal accountant of the systems in the web. The other client systems interact with the waiter and it is done in one request- response manner.

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Latest Standards Of Computer Hardware

There are many companies that manufacture CPU, RAM and other secondary storage devices. Each twenty-four hours a new invention is included and a new version of the merchandises are developed. The hardware required is selected based on the demands of the company. It depends on the procedure and the operation that the system is traveling to execute. This will assist in make up one’s minding the hardware equipment necessary to construct the web. The processor velocity is the chief standards that decide the efficiency of the system. Companies like Intel have come out with latest and efficient processors that work good on personal computing machines ( Allan 2001 ) . Processors like Xeon and Core 2 quad are the recent processors from Intel. These processors have a velocity of around 3.80GHz which makes the system more capable. Extra processors like Core 2 Duo and Dual Core besides provide a better public presentation. Other companies like AMD have introduced Opteron and Athlon II X3 which has a processing frequence of 2800 MHz. The full working of the system is strictly based on the processor.

Computer Hardware

Random Access Memory ( RAM ) decides the clip a system takes to execute an operation. If the capacity of RAM is more, the system will work faster and the processing velocity will increase. A system that is connected in a web should be more efficient than a stand-alone system. Since each system interacts with one another, the velocity of all the systems must be same. The memory size of RAM is decided by the system decision maker who configures the system. Secondary Storage devices store the information one time the operations are over. Initially they will be stored in RAM, after which it will travel on the secondary storage. Hard disc is one of the internal secondary storage. Hard disc ‘s capacity varies from 40GB to about 500GB. The more the capacity, more information can be stored. The difficult disc capacity must be more so that it can suit the information of all the sections in the administration.

There are other secondary storage devices like optical thrusts which include Compact Disc ( Cadmium ) and Digital Video Disc ( DVD ) . The latest secondary storage device is the USB flash thrust. Peripherals are used to interact with the computing machine. Keyboard and mouse are the of import input devices utilizing which the user enters information into the system. Output devices such as proctor, pressman are the major peripherals. Latest peripherals are wireless keyboard and mouse and they have gained more popularity. The basic peripherals like normal keyboard, mouse and pressman can be used here for end product devices.

Networking Hardware Equipment

To organize a web, computing machines are connected utilizing routers, switches and Bridgess. A computing machine is connected with another computing machine with the aid of overseas telegrams and routers. This connexion is established to enable the systems to portion information. In a web, one computing machine can interact with all the other systems. They can direct and have packages of informations. Switch is a hardware device which connects computing machines in a local web ( Chao & A ; Liu 2007 ) . Routers are similar to exchange that connect the systems. Both switches and routers are hardware devices used in web. Another sort of networking equipment is Bridge. Bridge is a device that is used to filtrate the web traffic. The major functionality of span is to understate the traffic in the web. This is achieved by spliting the web into separate sections. The incoming packages are checked by the span and so it either sends it inside the web or fling them instantly. A span can suit merely one web where as the switches can work in more figure of ports. These are the indispensable equipment that a web must possess to hold a connexion between the systems.

Before choosing these web equipments or make up one’s minding on the processors, a market survey should be done. This will guarantee appropriate choice of the devices. An analysis must be done which will place the demands of the company. Based on this, the merchandises can be chosen. After choosing the company, make up one’s mind on the assorted merchandises from that peculiar maker. As each version will hold some invention or excess characteristics, the one which is more compatible can be selected. The processors and memory devices have to be examined to cognize their efficiency. Hence merely a proper market survey will help in choosing the right merchandise.

Choice Of Hardware

Computer hardware like processor, RAM and storage devices are manufactured by chief companies like Intel, AMD. I will prefer Intel as it satisfies the demands of the company. Other hardware like proctor, keyboard and mouse are manufactured by Samsung and HP and they are widely preferred. Canon and HP manufactures pressmans and scanners and these are one of the of import end product devices. Storage devices like Cadmium ROM can be procured from LG.

Though there are many companies that manufacture computing machine hardware, the one which best suits company ‘s demands needs to be chosen. The company must supply regular service for the equipment. They should supply a minimal warrant of two or three old ages. The guarantee should cover the equipment and their parts. As the company has planned to put in web of computing machines, the equipment must be compatible to work in a web. The web will incorporate computing machines, switches, routers and Bridgess that connect the systems. So the company should supply me with a warrant of all the hardware equipment and periodical service. The following measure is to place the necessary package and the operating system that will enable the working of the system.


Network Operating System

A web is a aggregation of computing machines connected together. To set up a connexion between the computing machines and other device drivers, particular package is needed. Network Operating system ( NOS ) helps in accomplishing this undertaking. This NOS is installed on a separate system which manages the working of the full web. The bing operating systems include characteristics to work in a networking environment ( Hunter 1995 ) . There are a broad assortment of Network runing systems available in the market. Some among them are Microsoft Windows NT, UNIX, Novell Netware and Mac OS. Each of this operating system includes particular characteristics to enable proper operation of a web. UNIX is preferred by many users as most of the cyberspace protocols are based on UNIX. Novell Netware is one among the widely used Network runing system. Windows NT became popular due to its easy functionality and serviceability. Operating System plays a critical function in any computing machine system. The public presentation and efficiency of the system wholly depends on the Operating system that is installed in the machine. Before put ining an operating system, an analysis should be made.

As the demands of each company may change, the operating system should be selected to fulfill these demands. A survey must be done to cognize the functionalities, advantages and disadvantages of the operating systems available in the market. After this elaborate survey, the OS that best suits the administration will be decided. Since a new web has to be installed, an operating system that would assist the networking undertaking to be done easier demands to be selected. The systems will be connected in a web and the operating system has to keep the maps that take topographic point between these systems. Operating system must be selected with most attention as this decides the working of the system and the full web.

Network Security

Keeping a web does non stop with constructing a web and put ining appropriate operating system ( Ciccarelli & A ; Faulker 2004 ) . The following undertaking is to put in proper web security package. Any web is prone to security menaces and onslaughts. To avoid this, web security package is necessary. This package takes attention of such malicious operation inside a web. Since these menaces have to be prevented before it enters a web, a particular plan is used. A menace or onslaught may happen from any beginning. It may be an unauthorized entree, a hacker seeking to direct or have irrelevant packages of informations ( Stallings 2007 ) . The web has to be protected from such onslaughts and it is compulsory to hold some signifier of security.

Network Security Software

There are assorted ways by which a web can be protected. Firewalls, Anti-virus and Anti- Spyware package and installation secured routers and modems all will assist in keeping the system in a secured mode. Installing a firewall will assist the web system safeguarded from the unwanted informations that enter the system. Firewalls are available in markets in package every bit good as hardware formats. Installing firewall is the best manner to avoid menaces and onslaughts in a web. The firewalls today do the operations of package filtering. In this option the packages come ining the router are checked for hallmark before send oning them to the system. ( Maiwald 2003 ) .The 2nd operation is to put in anti-virus and anti-spyware package in the systems. This will protect the system against the virus that gets into the system via files and other informations. During file and package transfer the opportunities of virus acquiring into the system is more. To avoid this, an anti-virus is installed which identifies the information which contains the virus and deletes them. Another option is to hold secured modems and routers. By making this, one can be certain of non acquiring any menaces or onslaughts. Since the routers and modems are the gateways through which information package and files enter the web system.

Techniques like encoding will guarantee that the informations residing in the system is secured. As merely attested people are allowed to decode the informations, informations security is maintained. Assorted informations encoding and decoding algorithms are used to code and decode the informations and the files. Intrusion Detection Systems can be used which checks the web and its activities. The web traffic and the working of the full web are monitored by these invasion sensing systems. These IDS are capable of placing the security menaces and forestall them from impacting the system or web. It identifies the menaces and studies it to the decision maker.

Client Server Computing

Client- Server computer science is a signifier of distributed computer science. Here the client application sends a petition to the waiter bespeaking it to execute an operation or informations transportation. These client and waiter will run on separate and different computing machines that are connected in a web. The client interacts with the waiter through this web. The communicating is through messages ( Dewire 1993 ) .The client application decides on the petition and so connects to the waiter. The question is so sent to the waiter. Once a petition is received, the waiter analyses and performs the necessary operations. Then the consequence is sent back to the client. This client-server calculating strictly depends on the web. The waiter and the client system can run at the same time and this will assist in immediate response to the client. The web care plays a major function in client-server operations. Merely if the web is free of jobs, the interaction between the client and the waiter will take topographic point is a hassle free mode. To accomplish client- waiter computer science in the administration, the protocols are selected to accommodate the demands of the web. As a widely accepted fact, proper web care is ever the key to execute all the operations in the web. The best web security package that helps in taking attention of the web is selected.

To make and develop a web, all these operations should be done expeditiously. The duty of choosing proper devices and put ining them in the web entirely depends on the IT director. After planing the web, the package that has to be installed in the system is selected with extreme attention. Right from make up one’s minding on the web runing system, protecting the web from security menaces and onslaughts are all a portion of web disposal and care.

While developing an information system, an efficient database is required. This database shops the necessary information that can be retrieved at a ulterior day of the month or at the clip of demand. Any database can hive away and recover informations, but a database direction system is needed to take attention of the database.

Database Management System ( DBMS )

Database direction system is a tool that helps in pull offing the information. Assorted uses like inserting, modifying and redacting the informations can be done with the database direction system. DBMS is a aggregation of informations. It manages big database expeditiously. The advantages of utilizing DBMS are to supply coincident entree to the information. More than one user can hive away or recover the information from the database. During these operations, the database must be efficient plenty to manage coincident entree. To accomplish this, locking mechanisms are used. In coincident entree, the executings of minutess are done in a consecutive mode ( Narang 2004 ) . Each dealing requests a lock and after geting the same, the read and write operations are performed. Once the dealing completes its executing, the lock is released. This is how concurrence control is achieved. The security of information is an of import facet of any database. Other operations of DBMS include informations unity and information independence. A DBMS recovers the informations from any system or database clang or failure. A DBMS to expeditiously pull off the information stored in the database is needed. Hence choosing a database is of import to keep the information with proper security. While planing a web, DBMS is besides selected harmonizing to the demands of the company.

Before put ining the system, the package and the indispensable tools have to be decided. All these package and tools have to be user friendly. The people interacting with the system should non happen any trouble in utilizing them. Therefore User Interface is the of import portion of any application. The application ‘s user interactivity screens enable easy operation and apprehension of the application. This user interface is designed in such a manner that it provides a elaborate description of the application. A User Interface can be designed in any of the compatible linguistic communications. Most of the developers prefer Object Oriented Programming Language to plan it. The developers need to do usage of Object Oriented languages to accomplish high degree user interface design. These linguistic communications provide more importance to the objects and the information. Procedure oriented linguistic communications concentrate on the process instead than informations. Alternatively OOP languages aim at informations security and therefore it uses objects to interact with the informations. The user interface is the span between the user and the informations that reside in the system. The user provides his demands and the application processes the petitions. Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) is deriving more popularity these yearss since the user gets attracted by the design of the user interface.

Model View Controller ( MVC )

User satisfaction is the chief purpose of any application. A company must develop applications to fulfill the terminal users and clients. When make up one’s minding on the user interface and its development, an easy to utilize interface which any kind of user can entree is preferred. While planing and developing a system, Model View Controller is used. The operation of any system is to acquire information from the user, hive away them in a database and recover it as and when needed. Every clip the user modifies a information, it has to be updated in the database. Model View Controller divides the application into different parts. This will assist in easy use of the operations. It is divided into theoretical account, position and the accountant. The theoretical account is the first portion that manages the informations and its actions. Actions like petition from the user and the consequence that he receives are managed by the theoretical account ( Fowler 2003 ) . The 2nd portion, position, controls the information and how it is displayed in the application. The 3rd portion is the accountant which handles the keyboard and mouse events. Input signal from the user is got through keyboard or mouse and the accountant passes the information to the position interface. The position portion so changes the show harmonizing to the way from the Controller. The communicating between the parts decides the working of the application.

All the three parts are dependent on one another. The operation of the position and the accountant wholly depends on the theoretical account. They work harmonizing to the informations nowadays in the theoretical account. As the application is divided, they can be operated independently which will salvage clip and cut down the complexness. Since many operations occur at the same time in the company, an application that will hold more capablenesss is selected. Model View accountant simplifies the procedure of pull stringsing the information that reside in the system. Since a new web of computing machines is installed, the applications and their procedures must be really efficient. The chief purpose of Model position accountant is to split the user interface and the built in concern logic. By dividing them, the undertaking of acquiring the petition, treating it and giving the consequence is made simple. There are assorted types of MVC and their public presentation is based on the operating system installed in the machine. There are some disadvantages in utilizing MVC. Each portion depends on the operation of the other. If even a individual portion holds or fails in its operation, the full application will neglect to bring forth the coveted end product.

Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP )

Enterprise Resource Planning is a method to incorporate the assorted operations within a company. All the procedures are integrated to organize a individual unit. The ERP systems include several constituents and it enables the integrating of the assorted sections. As each section maintains a separate database, ERP systems include a common database that can hive away the information sing all the sections. These ERP bundles integrate all the operations and hive away the information in a individual incorporate database. ( Harwood 2003 ) .ERP systems can be used in any type of administration irrespective of the administration size. It is of more usage in big administrations, since they find it hard to pull off their resources. ERP bundle includes many maps that can enable the administration to execute any type of operations. Every administration will hold a system for Payroll and Inventory and therefore basic ERP bundles include these indispensable characteristics. The company can choose the bundle to accommodate their demands.

An administration has sections like fabrication, human resource, packaging and distribution. ERP systems manage the applications of all these sections under a individual application. Alternatively of planing applications for each and every section, a common package application trades with all the maps.

It supports the administration by cut downing the load of planing and developing database, single applications and the boring undertaking of keeping them. As the applications are integrated, accessing them becomes easier. This in bend makes the work flow simple. It has been decided to implement an ERP system in the administration, so that the information from all the sections can be known by the people working in the other sections. An ERP bundle that would be good to the developers and interior decorators of the system is selected. Implementing an ERP system will take some clip as all the sections and its operations have to be analysed. Before implementing the ERP system, the undertaking caput and the squad members must be cognizant of the alterations that may happen in the bing system. The procedure and informations are integrated and this allows the section heads to cognize the position of the resources being used in the other sections. Each section need non wait to utilize a peculiar resource ; alternatively it can do usage of the other free resources. This saves clip and increases the production. Integration solves the job of apportioning the resources. Hence, ERP helps in pull offing the resources in an efficient manner.

Advantages Of ERP

Integrating the full section and their activities will guarantee more productiveness and better allotment and direction of resources. The flow of work is organised and different procedures can be run at the same time. ( Harwood 2003 ) .The user need non wait for executing an operation. As the database is common, sharing or accessing becomes easier. ERP system will maintain path of the activities that take topographic point in the administration. This helps in calculating any jobs that may originate in the close hereafter.

By utilizing all these bundles, it can be made certain that the work flow will go easier and it will profit the employees and the direction every bit good.

Management Information System ( MIS )

The company is be aftering to implement an MIS in the administration. An MIS has to be developed to assist in the growing of the administration. First, the IS that can be implemented demands to be decided. The sentiment of all the section caputs and the direction needs to be accounted for while taking the determination. The IS should be efficient plenty to manage all the possible operations and it must accommodate our environment. The demands of all the sections have to be collected and analysed which will assist in the development of MIS.

Information System

Information System is a aggregation of elements that gets the input from the user, processes it and provides the coveted consequence. This IS contains information about all the sections and their maps. The information refering to each section is maintained in a proper format which allows easy entree. IS includes inside informations sing the bing applications like paysheet system, client feedback system and the stock list system. ( McLeod, Schell 2000 ) .All these systems are integrated to organize an IS that gives a individual application which enables easy entree. This IS interacts with each application to give the coveted consequence. Information system is classified into Operations support system and Management support system. Operation support system contains systems for treating the minutess, commanding the procedure in the administration and office mechanization system. The direction support system provides the inside informations to enable determination devising in the administration. To accomplish this, information is updated clip to clip to assist in effectual determination devising. The operations have to be efficient to help the direction in make up one’s minding on new undertakings.

Components Of IS

The major constituents of Information System include computing machine constituents like hardware and package, communicating system, database and the computing machine professionals. There are some stipulations for an IS to be developed in an administration. The Information System must guarantee that it contains complete inside informations sing each and every section and the operations that take topographic point within the administration. An MIS must react to all kinds of questions put away by the employees. It should fulfill the demands of all the sections. The processing clip of the MIS should non be more and it must be efficient to manage petitions from all the sections. For this purpose Information Technology has to be used. Without IT, the Information System can non be developed. This will assist in automatizing the procedures that take topographic point in the administration. Today about all the applications are automated and this will devour really less clip. MIS integrates the application of all the sections to do it a individual system. The coders must make up one’s mind on the operating system, the package and the tools needed to develop the IS.

MIS in the company must be able to manage even coincident activities. This IS should be capable of treating the information, describing the direction sing the alterations and other of import activities. It besides has the duty of assisting the direction in determination devising procedure. For this intent a separate Decision Support system can be maintained. Another function of IS is to supply support to the terminal user, as non all the users are cognizant of utilizing such information systems. The IS that is developed for the company should take attention of web and its operations. It should be able to supply information sing the web, its operations and describe the jobs if any. Installing an MIS will assist in pull offing the information in the administration. But a MIS entirely can non manage all the operations. Hence a Report Management application is needed.

Report Management

Report direction system collects the information of every employee and maintains it in a separate database. This information can be used for executing the background checks about the employee. Complete inside informations like name, contact figure, reference are collected and stored. Detailss sing his/her old employment are got and verified before using him in the administration. This ensures merely echt people are employed in the company. ( Schultheis 1998 ) .This will assist in the growing of the company. If a study direction system is non maintained, it is hard for the administration to place the people who furnish fake inside informations. Each individual is investigated before using him in the administration. These inside informations are stored for future mention. Unique methods are followed to roll up this information. Once collected they are analysed by a squad of people. An employee may indulge in any kind of malpractice that may take to terrible effects. If the employee ‘s information is stored in the database, it will be easy for the administration to take the necessary action. The company should hold a separate study direction system that will assist to avoid any such critical state of affairss. It will help us in cognizing the employee in a better manner. Pre designed and developed describe direction systems are available in the market and a company can acquire them and put in it in their system. They must do certain the system is compatible with the bing constellation of the web system.

Decision Support Systems ( DSS )

An administration requires all these systems to keep and develop the sections and the company as a whole. There are separate systems to accomplish each degree Fahrenheit these maps. Decision Support Systems ( DSS ) are one among those systems that are widely used.DSS assists the administration in determination devising procedure. It can be installed in the administration in a individual system and that will assist in doing determinations sing all the sections. It is non necessary to put in it in each and every section. One cardinal system has the capableness to take attention of the full administration. This DSS makes usage of informations and the theoretical accounts and can work out jobs that are structured or unstructured. ( Power 2002 ) .Hence the chief purpose of Decision support systems is to supply effectual consequences that will assist in long tally. These systems do non propose determinations that work temporarily, alternatively lasting solution are derived. Decision Support System is a two-layered architecture. It contains human determination shapers and the system. Database is an indispensable portion of Decision Support system. Every determination is made merely after look intoing the database and acquiring the proper information sing each system. The user interface interacts with the database direction system which is either maintained individually or included in the determination support system. This DSS does non trust on MIS or any other information system.It can work individually without the aid of other systems. DSS can supply support in each and every phase of the procedure.

There are assorted types of determination support systems like Organisational DSS, Group DSS and Knowledge based DSS. The company can choose and implement the system harmonizing to the demands of the administration. DSS can non help in determination devising if the information given is deficient or non proper. To avoid these jobs, a database is maintained and DSS analyses this informations each clip before proposing any solution. Many companies have developed DSS and they are available in the market. They can be straight installed in the administration. They are designed in such a manner that each determination is made and evaluated with the other possibilities. Any generated determination is non instantly implemented. Alternatively, an analysis is made to look into whether any better determinations can be suggested. There are assorted theoretical accounts of Decision support systems like accounting theoretical account which considers the fiscal statements before coming to a decision. Representational theoretical accounts forecasts the effects of the determination where as the optimization theoretical account gives determinations that are optimum. Another theoretical account available is suggestion theoretical account, which provides a determination in instance of structured or unstructured job.

The company has decided to implement IS to enable easy retrieval of information and to better the administration.


The end of the company is to set up a web with many computing machines. To accomplish this, as an IT director, the duty is to help the company is make up one’s minding what merchandises to purchase. The hardware equipment required connecting devices and the web equipment are selected harmonizing to the demands of the company. The connexion between the computing machines is the of import facet of a web. The systems within a web have to be connected with the aid of routers and overseas telegrams. While constructing a web, a topology must be decided. Based on this topology, the connexion is established between the systems. The package that has to be installed is selected with at most attention and the demands of the sections. An IS helps in organizing the information and hive awaying it in a peculiar mode. The coveted package is used to develop an IS and this needs human resource to run them. This ensures communicating with the other systems in the administration. IT uses separate faculties for roll uping and transforming the information. This information is made available in a cardinal system that manages the full administration. These are some of the factors that need to be taken attention while planing the system. Achieving these would wholly enable completion of the undertaking good before the deadline and guaranting truth and 100 % efficiency.

The IT director ‘s function is to do certain the demands of the users are satisfied and the company uses the latest equipment and the best package. If these are implemented, the administration will hold a better growing and it will decidedly increase the productiveness. This in bend will profit the employees and the terminal users as good. If the company uses single systems for pull offing the information assisting in the determination devising procedure, there will be a drastic betterment in the company.


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