Networking essentials Essay


In this study I will show some of the different ways that a web can assist Sasco Cellular. Sasco Cellular have offices universe broad, they have 6 sections. These are Marketing, Accounts, Customer Services, IT Support, Site Installation and Human Resources.


I gathered most of my information that I needed for this study off the cyberspace and my cognition.

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Networking essentials Essay
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Below I have explained why a web would be utile in Sasco Cellular, and besides in what departments it would be utile.

A web can be used by Sasco Cellular to better communicating between the locations of their offices. A web could be used in the Accounting Department, because they can set a clerking system onto one of the computing machines, this so can be used by the accounting sections in their offices universe broad. This means that they can direct out bills for their merchandises and they can so have the payments from clients.

Another manner that a web could be used, would be in the Human Resources section because they can put in the Human Resource Management System ( HRMS ) application onto one computing machine, this means that the Human Resource Departments in their universe broad offices can entree it, because it ‘s on a web. Here are some of the things that the system allows the HR Department to make – payroll – this automates the wage procedure ; it gathers informations on the employees, clip and attending. It so calculates the assorted tax write-offs and revenue enhancements ; it besides generates periodic wage checks and employees revenue enhancement studies.

The HR Management faculty covers other HR applications to retirement. The system records the basic demographic and address informations, choice, preparation and development capablenesss and accomplishments direction ; they besides produce compensation planning records and other related activities.

The concluding manner that a web would be utile, is in the IT Support section because they can put in the redress system, this is a call logging and tracking system. The system logs and paths every call that is made to the aid desk. This will be cheaper for Sasco Cellular because they are merely put ining it in one topographic point so it ‘s cheaper because you ‘re merely paying for the one licence, all the information is held in one topographic point so it ‘s good for composing direction studies. Another ground why the web would be utile is. They can put in a 2nd system this is called Assist Tracking System. This records information about every company owned Personal computer that is on the web. This is cheaper because like the Remedy system it ‘s merely installed in one topographic point, and it ‘s efficient on composing studies because the information that gets recorded is stored in one topographic point.


In decision, I have discovered that a web will do Sasco Cellular more efficient. This is because they will be able to entree and portion any files, applications etc from any office around the universe. It will besides be cheaper for Sasco Cellular because they would merely hold to hive away one application/system onto one computing machine.


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