Never Give Up Essay

Topic: Never, never give up. Do you agree? In our life, we obviously meet with many difficulties. While some of us can successfully overcome their problems, there are also people who get failure and cannot continue their work. From my perspective, difficulties is an indispensable part in our life, and I strongly agree with statement ‘Never, never give up’. Initially, to never stop working for your goal is an effective way for you to enjoy your life as well as realize true values of it. It is clear that to never give up does not mean you can obtain your goals or become successful.

No one is perfect, and our life is always full of obstacles that we cannot easily achieve accomplishments. However, thanks to persevering in your work, whether you succeed or not, you will not feel regret about what you have done in your life. You have wholeheartedly done the best of you, and have tried hard in order not to fail. To never give up does not mean success and achievement, but it makes you know and appreciate precious values of your life as well as brings you an interesting and meaningful life.

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Never Give Up Essay
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Needless to say, you are possible to enjoy fully and treasure your life by never stopping fighting for your achievement. Secondly, to never, never give up certainly make you have more valuable experiences in your life. Always persevering in your work, you apparently learn a lot of lessons through difficulties, especially failures in working,. They are really practical and helpful, making you more and more mature and skillful to deal with other obstacles in the future. Although these experiences are not possible to help you have success, they can make you greatly improve your personality as well as your abilities.

For example, although you are not able become a president, but you can be confident to be the leader of a school, an organination, or a company, using your skills, experiences as well as passion to help you develop and become prosperous. As a result, experiences that you can have through tenacious efforts are extremely valuable for your personality. In short, the meaningful life and precious experiences are the reasons for my point of view. Personally, I strongly recommend that people should always keep in mind that never, never stop, do the best they can for their achievements and they certainly have a beautiful life.


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