New Medical Health Systems Memo Essay

Louie Fuell New Medical Health Systems Memo HRM/548 Michael Mullins February 22, 2010 Memo: Health Medical Systems Management The new cardiovascular unit which we recently opened and has a strategic staffing solution, has been under review to make sure the company is aligned with the direction best suited for the staffing goals. It has been proposed that skilled technicians needed, can be obtained through four methods. Those being: 1. Place advertisement in the local newspaper 2. Contact staffing agencies that specialize in placing technicians 3. Organize a job fair and invite local professionals to attend 4.

Offer a $1,000 signing bonus to those who stay longer than 180 days One of the biggest challenges facing the cardiovascular unit is making sure there is enough staff to cover all areas. The area lacking depth is the skilled technicians. The problem with this is there are practically none in the area and even though the position is attractive, recruiting seems to be the biggest hurdle facing the organization. The four methods in obtaining more technicians align differently to the main strategic direction. First of all, placing advertisement in the newspaper is a good decision but is it the better solution.

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If the package is attractive, most if not all technicians have already discussed the current opening and have either signed on, or used the cardiovascular unit as a tool to boost their own wages. I would most likely want to promote the opening in medical journals rather than a newspaper. Secondly, the staffing agencies are a good idea. They allow the third party to look for recruits. This allows us to continue to train the newly hired technicians and give them the support they need to succeed. As new recruits are hired from the third party, the Unit will pay for fees associated with the agency that recruited the technician.

Thirdly, a job fair is what this town needs. If a lot of professionals see that there is interest in the technicians’ opening now, which’s to say these professionals won’t try to add the program in the local college. This could be also through the local high school as a technical program that they can also participate in. Lastly, I don’t agree with the $1,000 signing bonus. I think it lowers the Unit’s standards. If a technician is attracted to the package, let the person prove themselves and then give them a bonus.

Maybe after so many surgeries, bonuses are given in order to make them want to continue to do a fantastic job. These four goals of recruitment are strategically set as short, middle, and long term goals. Of the short term goal, recruitment as soon as possible must be met. The need to have the right amount of technicians is of high importance. Medical journals need to be contacted immediately to place job description and contact information. Agencies also need to be contacted so that they can start their processes in order to have the goal met.

The new Unit is aware that it is looking for good people who are trained as technicians. This will allow the strategic decision makers to realize the importance of people issues which calls for HRM to become the “source of people expertise” in the company (Noe, 2008). The strategic goal is still to get technicians as soon as possible. It also has the ability to capture not only technicians now, but also in the future. Reference: Noe et al. (2008). Human resource management: Gaining a competitive advantage. (6th ed. ). New York: McGraw – Hill.


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