New Product Innovation Assignment Questions Essay

Review the part of Web Chapter A refering new merchandise invention. You can entree Web Chapter A at this web reference: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. pearsonhighered. com/wheelen/cases. hypertext markup language. Then. choose a new merchandise that you have been introduced to in the past 12 months. You are besides welcome and encouraged to research this new merchandise utilizing outside beginnings. You are to make a PowerPoint presentation about the selling scheme for this comparatively new merchandise. Your PowerPoint presentation should be at least 5 slides in length and include the undermentioned elements:

Slide 1: Title page

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New Product Innovation Assignment Questions Essay
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Slide 2: Description of the new merchandise and explain which class of invention is emphasized.

Slide 3: List what differentiates the merchandise from the competition.

Slide 4: Describe the product’s mark market. its demographics. the market size. and possible merchandise demand.

Slide 5: Explain in which phase of the merchandise life rhythm is the merchandise. MBA 5101. Strategic Management and Business Policy 3

Slide 6: Predict merchandise demand in five old ages.

Slide 7: Mentions page ( list of beginnings utilizing APA guidelines ) The rubric and mention page do non number towards the 5 slide lower limit. Please visit the Columbia Southern University Success Center for helpful pictures that will present you to Microsoft PowerPoint. To entree the Success Center. chink here for the MyCSU Student Portal. Click on Online Resources from the top bill of fare. Next. chink on Writing from the bill of fare presented. Finally. chink on Writing Skills. Find the picture refering to PowerPoint and other subjects of involvement in the choice of Webinars on Demand.


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