Newton Test Review - Unit 9

Question Answer
Unbalanced Balanced Forces acting on an object cause the object to accelerate.
9.8 m/s2 Gravity causes all falling objects to accelerate at a rate of
Acceleration a measure of the change in velocity during a period of time
False The momentum of a 5,000 – kg truck that is standing still is greater than the momentum of a 3,000- kg truck that is also at rest. True/False
False The projectile velocity is the highest velocity that will be reached by a falling object.
True When an object falls, it is reacting to the force of gravity.
False Jane is on a merry – go-round that is moving at a constant speed. Her velocity is also constant.
False Momentum is a property of an object and can not be transferred from that object to another object.
True Object in Earth's orbit appear to be weightless because they are in free fall.
False Friction is a force that encourages motion between two surfaces that are touching each other.
Stronger The greater an object mass, the __________ the gravitational force on it.
Gravity When a ball is dropped, it falls down due to the force of _____________
Sliding Pushing a box up a hill, you have to overcome ________________ Friction
Static A box doesn't move when you push it because of _____________ friction
Acceleration According to Newton's second law of motion, a larger force acting on an object causes greater ___________ of the object
Static Friction is the friction between two surfaces that are not moving past each other.
Rolling A car slides on ice because it doesn't have enough ______ friction.
Gravity changed Why is your weight less on the Moon than on Earth, but your mass is the same?
ball looses momentum and pins gains momentum A bowling ball hits some pins. Explained what happens to the momentum of the ball and the momentum of the pins.
Crumple the paper into a ball to reduce the air resistance. A book and a piece of paper, the same size, fall at different rates. How can you change the shape of the paper so it will fall at nearly the same rate as the book?
The larger, flatter object will create more air resistance. The flatness of the object will catch more air than the less flat object. Two objects that have the same mass are dropped from a tall building. One object is larger and flatter than the other. Explain why the larger, flatter object hits the ground last.
Both of the balls will hit the ground at the same time, due to gravity. Sally throws a ball horizontally from the top of a tall building at the same time that Pete drops a ball from the top of the same building. Which ball will hit the ground first?
friction slows the ball, gravity attracts the ball toward the floor, net force is the racquet acting on the ball List the forces that act on a tennis ball during a game and explain how each force affects the tennis ball
gravity Is an attractive force between any two objects.
Mass and the distance between the objects The gravitational pull depends on ______ ?
weight The earth gravitational pull determines your
Velocity has direction Momentum has direction because ________
Reaction Force That backward “kick” of a rifle that is fired is an example of

masses and the distance between them The size of the gravitational force between two objects depends on their
decrease As you get farther from the center of Earth, your weight will
action-reaction forces When a force is exerted on a box, an equal and opposite force is exerted by the box. These forces are called
has greater mass A real car moving at 10 km/h has more momentum than a toy car moving at the same speed because the real car ____.
Newton's third law of motion The statement "to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" is
kg x m/s The unit of momentum is
Mass is the amount of atoms that make up an object, weight is the force on the object due to gravity. If an object experiences a change in gravity, the weight will change, however the mass will remain the same regardless of a change in gravity. Explain how mass and weight are different from each other.
Law of Inertia What is Newton's first Law
Law of Acceleration What is Newton's Second Law
Law of Action/Reaction What is Newton's Third Law
P=mv How can Momentum be calculated
kg=m/s What are the units for Momentum
F=ma Law of Acceleration equation is
m/s2 What are the Acceleration Units

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