Newtonain Physics Essay

European History Newtonian Physics and Darwinian Biology on European Culture Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin were both influential men who had impacted European culture during their respected eras, and in later eras. Newton was an English physicist and mathematician. During the Enlightenment, his Newtonian physics impacted European culture with his effects on science. Charles Darwin was an English naturalist and geologist. One of his greatest impacts on European culture was through his contributions toward the theory of evolution and its effect on religion.

Newtonian physics impacted European culture through religion and Darwinian biology impacted it through science. During the Enlightenment, Newtonian physics discredited theories, such as Aristotle. His physics showed the power of the human mind and he was a key figure in the Scientific Revolution. Newton’s work helped scientists during the Scientific Revolution by giving them a better understanding of the physical world. The Newtonian physics contributed to a lot of great theories and concepts. It revolutionized understandings of many things, such as motion and gravity.

Newton influenced many other scientists and we still use his law of motion today. Charles Darwin introduced natural selection and he made huge contributions to theories of evolution. He published Descent of Man, which applies the principle of evolution to human beings. He undermines the deistic argument for the existence of God. Because of his contributions to evolution, many people undermined the Bible and its accuracy. Darwinian biology led to the end of religion in science and led to a lot of questioning of Christianity. It influenced people like Herbert Spencer and Thomas Huxley and led to European imperialism.

Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin made a large impact on European culture and we still feel that impact today. Newtonian physics affected science and helped scientists during the Scientific Revolution, which he was a key figure in. Darwinian biology affected religion and brought out questioning of the Bible and God, while also leading up to European imperialism. Both men impacted European culture during their eras and future eras. Today, we still use Newton’s law of motion and we still learn about evolution and see how it clashes with religion. Newtonian Physics By Loudmouth

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