Newton's Laws of Motion

Question Answer
An object at rest will stay in rest and an object in motion tend to stay at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. What is this called? Newton's First Law of Motion
A force that resists movement between two forces. friction
An object's tendency to resist a change in motion. inertia
The more ________ something has the greater the inertia mass
For every action there is any equal and opposite reaction. What is this called? Newton's Third Law of Motion
Force=Mass x Acceleration Newton's Second Law of Motion
Acceleration increases if the ________ increases. force
Acceleration _____________ if the mass increases. decreases
A train has more momentum than a truck traveling at the same speed because the train has more __________. mass
The second object's push back on the first is known as a(n) ____________ force. reaction
Astronauts experience weightlessness because they do not seem to feel the force of __________. gravity
Objects that experience no detectable gravitational pull have ________ weightlessness. true
The initial push or pull of one object on another object. action force

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