ngh? dinh cua gia cong Essay

?I. Introduction Good morning everyone, I’m glad that all of you are being here today. I’m Minh Quan. I’m here today to present you the interesting topic, but before my presentation, I need you answer some question. Do you know him? How do you know him? Yes, He is very famous on Youtube, but Without FB,he wouldn’t be famous now. And today, I am going to talk with you about FB. and if you have any questions for during my presentation, there will be time for you after I finish II. Content History: Mark Zuckerberg wrote Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook, on October 28, 2003, while attending Harvard as a sophomore.

On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched “Thefacebook”, originally located at thefacebook. com. The company dropped The from its name after purchasing the domain name facebook. com in 2005 for $200,000. According to the Nielsen Media Research study, released in December 2011, Facebook is the second most accessed website in the US (behind Google) In March 2012, Facebook uploads their app to App Center for iOS, Android and mobile web users Features Users can create a personal profiles, make friends with other users and send messages to their friends.

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ngh? dinh cua gia cong Essay
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Besides, you can join in some groups, organizations of companies, schools or simply a group of friends with similar interests. Facebook also helps us to be able to chat, share documents with friends or colleagues. In particular, Facebook’s for you to watch, upload pictures, videos, without limitation, comment on them and share with your friends. In other words, Facebook’s where you can express your true feeling! Ngu? i dung co th? t? o 1 personal profile, va co th? k? t b? n v? i nhi? u ngu? i dung khac va g? i cac tin nh? n cho b? n be c? a minh. Ben c? h do, chung ta co th? tham gia cac group, organized c? a cac t? ch? c, tru? ng h? c, hay ch? don gi? n la nhom b? n cung s? thich. Facebook cung giup chung ta co th? tro chuy? n, share document v? i b? n be, colleague. D? c bi? t, Facebook con cho b? n xem, upload hinh ? nh, video khong gi? i h? n, chia s? va binh lu? n chung cung v? i b? n be c? a b? n. Advantages: One of the advantages of FB is an interaction, it helps you contact with your friends. Besides, it also helps you to improve the relationship with others, especially with strangers we’ve never known.

And one other thing that Not only can you find childhood friends who you haven’t met a long time, but also know how they lived over years. Today, many companies use FB as a tool to promote the image and products, to take customers feedback , which can improve the product, company image, and capture consumer trend. (Show clips). Several politicians also use FB as a tool to call for support from the public as well as improve the relation with them. M? t trong nh? ng uu di? m c? a FB la s? tuong tac, no giup chung ta ti? p xuc v? i b? n be c? a minh nhi? u hon. Ben c? nh do, no con giup ta c? thi? n cai m? i quan h? v? i ngu? i khac, nh? t la v? i nh? ng ngu? i l? chung ta chua t? ng bi? t Va m? t di? u d? c bi? t khac ma FB dem l? i la chung ta co th? tim l? i nh? ng ngu? i b? n thu? nh? ma chung ta da b? m? t lien l? c t? lau, khong nh? ng th? chung ta con co th? bi? t h? da s? ng ntn trong nh? ng nam qua. Ngay nay, nhi? u cong ty dung FB nhu m? t cong c? d? qu? ng ba hinh ? nh, s? n ph? m, ti? p thu y ki? n t? phia khach hang ( feedback), t? do co th? c? i thi? n s? n ph? m, hinh ? nh cong ty, va n? m b? t du? c xu hu? ng tieu dung. (show clip) Va m? t s? hinh tr? gia con dung FB nhu 1 cong c? d? keu s? ?ng h? t? phia dan chung ( show FB c? a OBAMA) Disadvantages: Currently FB have pretty much virus and spam, which can threaten the security of your account and your personal information may be lost Besides, FB is also very addictive, you can easily create a FB account, but it is hard to give it up. And with the personal information you put on FB, others can easily know everything about you, they can scam you Otherwise, the use of written language on FB and accidentally losing the clarity of the Vietnamese. Hi? n nay FB xu? hi? n kha nhi? u virus va spam, de d? a vi? c b? o m? t thong tin tai khoan c? a b? n va vi? c b? n m? t thong tin ca nhan la di? u co th? x? y ra Ben c? nh do, FB cung r? t d? gay nghi? n, b? n co th? t? o 1 account FB d? dang nhung l? i r? t kho d? t? b? no. Va v? i vi? c b? n dua thong tin ca nhan len FB, ngu? i khac co th? d? dang bi? t m? i th? v? b? n, va trong m? t s? tru? ng h? p co nh? ng d? i tu? ng con l? i d? ng thong tin do d? l? a d? o b? n. M? c khac, vi? c dung ngon ng? vi? t tren FB cung vo tinh lam m? t di s? trong sang c? a ti? ng vi? t III. Conclusion:

FB helps in connecting millions people in the world. It is a platform where people from different culture come together and share their thoughts, photos, videos… For some people,. FB has become an important part of their life. For some others, their profession is based either directly or indirectly on it. But, there are thousands of people who have lost their lives to it. Many students, instead of spending time on academic activities, waste lots of time of their life. FB has its own advantages and disavantages. So let it help you live a better life, take control it and not let it control you


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