Question Answer
Examples of nonverbal, distracting behaviors: Tapping a pencil, gazing outside the window and glancing at the clock.
Statements that are inappropriate during a phlebotomy procedure: This won't hurt a bit, Your name is Mrs. Jones isn't it? You are required to cooperate with this.
Key elements in an effective communication: Active listening, nonverbal cues, verbal skills.
The main area of responsibility for every phlebotomist is: preanalytical processes
Feelings that one experiences when a stranger gets "to close for comfort"? Anxiety, fear, insecurity.
Competency Statements for Phlebotomists: Entry level skills, tasks, roles.
Veracity is an essential character trait for phlebotomist. Veracity is telling the truth.
How should a phlebotomist treat a patient who may have deafness? Ask the patient whether you should repeat the steps before proceeding.

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