Nicole Tate Essay

World History (H)
“To pull together is to avoid being pulled apart.” This once famous quote being said by Bob Allisat proves that if countries aren’t interdependent upon each other than we will no longer be able to help each other and will not reek the benefits of what other countries give each other. I have three area of analysis for why Nicaragua is interdependent, one, foreign aid from other countries, two, disaster relief help and three imports and exports. The following essay shall discuss how Nicaragua is interdependent.

Onto my first area of analysis, Nicaragua is interdependent through foreign aid from other countries. For example, in the 1980’s Nicaragua’s debt problems increased and prices of oil began to rise as well as Nicaragua’s situation was worsened by a huge conflict dealing with military weapons. By 1994, their debt has increased to 11.7 billion, at this point in time Nicaragua had the highest debt in the world. Nicaragua was able to pull through this crisis from foreign aid from Mexico, Russia. Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, Argentina, and the Czech Republic. Because of these countries helping Nicaragua it has been able to pull through to a better economic state. As we saw, Nicaragua was interdependent from receiving foreign aid from various countries.
Secondly, Nicaragua is interdependent through disaster relief. At this point in time Nicaragua is not undergoing just one but two natural disasters, Hurricane Mitch and volcano Cerro Negro, which erupted on Tuesday and consisted of 2,000 dead. Nicaragua’s other disaster is Hurricane Mitch. Hurricane Mitch was described by CNN as “400,000 people now seeking shelter after losing their homes, health officials are watching for further outbreaks of Cholera, following sporadic reports of the disease.” As of right now 9,000 are dead and no actual death toll will be known because of the small villages that can’t be gotten to. The way Nicaragua is interdependent in these situations is that they are relying on the United States, France, Italy as well as several others for humanitarian aid immediately. In this example we see again that Nicaragua is interdependent by receiving disaster relief.
Finally Nicaragua is interdependent because of imports and exports. Nicaragua imports food, agricultural needs, and medicines for their people. Nicaragua exports gold, silver, copper, and several others. In this case Nicaragua is interdependent because it gives countries items they need and Nicaragua gets items in which they need. This system always reminds me of that old saying you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

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In essence, Nicaragua is interdependent for the above areas of analysis, which were foreign aid from other countries, disaster relief, and last but not least imports and exports. Surely if every country remains interdependent then we, as the world, will never pull apart as Bill Altsat stated.


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