Night By Elie Wiesel (1166 words) Essay

Night By Elie Wiesel
The book Night was written by Elie Wiesel it is also about a true story he was
just a child when it all happened. The book starts off as a little boy that is
12 years old his name is Eliezer he and is three other siblings Hilda the oldest
girl then Bea and the baby of the family Tzipora all lived with there mother and
father they were a small little Jewish family. Elie’s family owned a little
shop but only Hilda and Bea could help and Elie had to stay in school. Elie
wanted to learn the perilous world of mysticism, which is a form of the Jewish
religion that only one can study at the age of thirty. Elie’s father was not
up to discuss the matter much cause the answer that Elie received was not the
one he wanted to hear. So Elie found a man named Moshe the Beadle he was a kind,
funny and poor normally the people in Sighet would hate poor people that lived
on the streets but Moshe was different he was kind and caused no harm. When Elie
told Moshe that he wanted to learn about mysticism Moshe looked very surprised
that a 12 year old would want an old poor man that sits an a synagogue all day
and prays to teach him the mysteries of the mysticism. Moshe started teaching
Elie everyday but one day the Hungarian police started cramming all the Jews in
Sighet into little cattle car on a train. Every one that was inside was safe but
if you were in the street you were taken. The very next day when Elie went to
the synagogue to meet Moshe he was not there he had been taken. Elie wept and
told his father what had happened to Moshe but it was like telling on him self
for going behind his father’s back and learning mysticism. In 1942 Moshe
escaped death and came back to Sighet and was trying to tell every one what had
happened to him but nobody listened not one single person of the town of Sighet
would even hear him out. When he came to Elie’s house Elie’s father Chlomo
told Moshe he was not welcome there any longer. The next day Elie went looking
for Moshe to find out what happened to him. Elie found Moshe weeping in the
synagogue. Moshe told Elie that all the Jews in Sighet were going to die and he
himself almost died he said that the Germans would throw little babies in the
air and let the gunners have target practice that they would make the prisoners
dig giant holes then take off there clothes and line up on the edge of the hole.

They would one by one shoot people and they would fall into the hole there was a
man he said that was begging to be killed before his three sons. The only way
that Moshe stayed alive is that he was shot in the leg and fell in the hole and
was mistaken for dead. He said there where three other people that were not dead
yet and a lady that that was trapped under dead bodies including her baby. This
was in 1942 now its 1943 and Elie’s mom is looking for a nice young man to
marry her daughter Hilda. It was then quite in the town of Sighet until 1944
they heard over the radio that Hitler’s army wasn’t going to be able to come
in to the town of Sighet and hurt any more people because the Russian’s front
line was moving in. Then the town of Sighet believed the radio and didn’t
think that they were in danger of be EXTERMINATED. All of a sudden all of these
troops start coming in the town and nobody thinks to much of it. Until all the
Jews where told that they were to give all there items of any value to the
Hungarian police then they told them that they were not able to leave the house
after 6:00p.m. Moshe came to Elie’s house and told Elie’s dad that he told
him what would happen and nobody listened to him. Then he ran off in to the dark
street. The Jews were made to yellow stars on there shirts. Then came the
Ghettos there were two ghettos a big one and a smaller one the lager one was
4streets long and 4streets wide but the smaller one that Elie’s family was in
was just made up of little side streets. All the Jews in Sighet were put into
the two ghettos. Elie’s house was in the smaller ghetto and they were allowed
to live there but they had to block all the windows that overlooked the street.

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Elie’s dad was told by the Hungarian police that they were going to be moved
because the red army was to close to their location. The next day all the Jews
were moved from the ghettos to a train which would take them to there next
ghetto camp nobody new how long it would be or where it was. On the train Elie
meet Madame Schacter who started having visions of fire while on the train. When
the train stopped and every one was off they were told that they had to walk
five miles to the ghetto camp. Julick brought a violin who was an older man and
the whole way he was playing songs to keep up every body’s hope. Only a German
solider shot the old man in the head. When they arrived at the camp they meet
Franek he was a solider that told every body that if they had a gold tooth that
he was going to take it out. That is what he did after that was done they made
all the women and the men in two lines. The men would go on and work but nine
out of ten women would be sent of in to the woods where they would go to the gas
chamber or shoot and killed. The men either worked or helped the soldiers. Idek
another German solider would beat the men and he beat Elie’s dad the most only
because he would be to tired to march the way they were supposed to. The only
reason he was week is cause they only got 500 calories a day. {Which is equal to
two poptarts and a stick of gum}. Later on in the book Elie’s dad dies of food
poison and Elie gets in affection in his shoulder and had to go to the hospital
which was the most dangerous place to be in the camp {weird uh} because there
was a doctor named Mengele who liked to pick people and experiment on them and I
mean like take out there heart and see how long it takes them to die. Or cut
there arm off and let them bleed to death. So Elie got out of the hospital as
soon as he could. The book ends really fast but the red army comes in and saves
every one and Elie is the only one left in the family so he goes back to his
house to gather up what is left. Only to run into a person he new at the camp at
a store and started to talk and remember the story.


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