Nixon Essay

Essay 7 Nixon’s Future In 50 Years Richard Nixon has been known for his Watergate scandal and never known for his accomplishments. He was the first president and Vice President to ever meet with Soviet Union, not only that but when no other President or Vice President were able to. He also started the Environmental Protection Agency. Not only that he also gave 18 yr olds the right to vote and ended the draft. Most importantly he ended the Vietnam War, depending how you look at it. He did many accomplishments in his Vice president and President term but unfortunately he was really known for the Watergate Scandal.

Many politicians and Presidents had their own scandals and did things that Americans disapproved of or would if they got caught. John F Kennedy had his women so did Franklin Roosevelt not only that but they may have done even worse things behind close doors. Americans are forgiving people, but unfortunately not for Watergate. Watergate not only made Americans upset or enraged but made them distrust Nixon and other Presidents that came after him. Some people may think that this wasn’t a big thing and some know that it was.

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To me it was huge because with a man in power like that he abused the law and the ground America stands on. He was trusted and loved by many and for him to do something so stupid is upsetting. I am no saint nor is Nixon but you need to make the right decisions when you are in that short time of office. Yes, you may do things that are immoral but you do them to save the American people and behind close doors. Watergate was not one of those is was wrong, and what a shame because he would have one regardless. I think that there was more behind it than just winning Presidency(main reason why Watergate happened).

I believe in 50 year people will still remember Nixon for his Watergate Scandal and not the good deeds he had done. Why you may ask. Unfortunately, that is how our history is taught in school. We remember more and teach more on the bad things people have done in history than the good: most of the time. I think Nixon was a good person but made a really bad decision he was human and made the wrong choices in his position. He knew what happened and I think he had a part in it. Unfortunately, Nixon will not ever be known for his accomplishments, but for Watergate.


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