N&N Restaurant and Pastry Shop Essay

.PHASE 1 – Concept Paper I. Brief Introduction Due to fast-phased lifestyle and the increased demand for productivity, people develop poor eating and sleeping habits, which in effect deteriorates their health and even their total well-being. On this day of age where our society is full of busy and working public, people cannot find time to prepare their own hearty meals. Since the food industry is saturated with fast food and instant meals which have far more less nutritional value. We offer food for those people who are diet conscious. Every meal we serve includes a detailed nutrition facts and warm smiles from our servers.

We know every customer’s needs for their healthy bodies. We make eating in N&N an experience. II. Company Profile A. Company Name F. S Corp. I chose this company name because I dedicate this shop for my dad for his love and hard works. B. Company Mission / Service Philosophies Our mission is to provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and to develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time. C. Company Vision Our vision is to provide a wide range of healthy and low calories food and drinks and to be able to expand throughout the Metro Manila. D. Owner’s Profile

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N&N Restaurant and Pastry Shop Essay
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Knowing the basics of culinary arts, I can share my creativity by making sure that the meals we prepare will not only look good but will also taste good and healthy. -Nicole Pauline Siy (Nicky) III. Business Name A. Business Trade Name *N&N Restaurant and Pastry Shop N&N means Nicky and Nate; He is a friend of mine who loves chocolate so much. he is my business partner creating and making N&N successful. B. Business Trade Logo Restaurant and Pastry shop IV. Concept Development A. Business Type Restaurant & Bakeshop B. Operating Hours / Business Hours We’re located at the mall, so we will follow the mall hours Monday to Saturday 10-9 pm

C. Target Market (Demographics and Psychographics) 1. Age Group- 18-45 yrs old 2. Gender- mostly females 3. Profession / Occupation- Health/ weight conscious 4. Income Bracket- Class A and B with income of 50,000++ Catherine is a 22 yrs old, who is working in S. M. Head office. She wants to lose weight and avoid eating delicious food that can affect to her diet. She is working in SM with income of 15,000++ a month. Maria is a 38 yrs old mom, who is working as a manager in Sofitel. She is a weight conscious and love eating pastries. She is one of our regular customers because she can eat pastries without getting fat.

She is earning like 40,000++ a month. D. Concept & Themes Our kitchen will mainly be white to symbolize cleanliness. Our color schemes will be the same with the colors of our logo. These will be the uniforms of our Maintenance personnel (White) E. Menu / Menu of Services Breakfast (8:00 -10:30) Breakfast: •Baked Chicken Tocino •Boiled Longganisa •Canadian Bacon •Vegetarian Sausage •Crisp Fish Fillets with Tar-Tar sauce -Light mayonnaise •Tourtiere Tarts -Tart made from boiled Ground beef and Pork – Pancakes: •With dark chocolate syrup •With lemon – honey syrup •Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes -This recipe does not have eggs or milk.

Hearty Sandwiches: (served with potato chips and cheese dip) •Baked Chili Beef with tomato •Poach Chicken Pandesal •Grilled vegetables on Foccacia Ensaymadas and cheese rolls: (less sugar) •Ensaymadas •Cheese roll •Lemon Chiffon •Dark Chocolate Ensaymada Beverages: •Hot bitter-sweet chocolate •Coffee and Cream •Cappuccino •Fruit Shakes (mango, watermelon, chocolate, strawberry) no sugar Yoghurts •Non- Fat (mango, berry mix, strawberry-banana, watermelon, orange, banana) Appetizers: •Mushroom Curry •Cheddar Cheese with Tomatoes •Onion rings and Baked Beans •Vegetable Curry Soups: •French Onion Soup •Cream of Mushroom Salads: •Caesar Salad Shrimp Salad with Mango Vinaigrette •Orange chicken with Black Olive Dressing Pasta: •Mushroom Cream •Classic Carbonara -Bacons are poach •Garlic oil based pasta with basil •Meatballs Pastries: •Hard French rolls •fat-free muffins (Chocolate, banana, Mint-Chocolate, Vanilla ) •ginger bread •ginger snap •Fat- free cookies (chocolate, Almond & Honey-Butter) •Puddings (made with skim milk) -chocolate and mango •Tarts: -Low-fat Baked Apple Tarts -Brown sugar cinnamon tart -Dark chocolate- vanilla tart -Fruit Tart •Cakes -Low fat chocolate cake -Devil’s food cake -Angel’s food cake -Blue Berry Cheese Cake -Strawberry Short cake – Chiffon Cakes –


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