NO one under 21 should have tatoos Essay

No one under the age of 21 should be allowed to have tattoos. Many young adults have not completely considered the permanence of a tattoo and how it can affect their lives. This decision is threatening to one’s Job, image, and life. Some Jobs do not hire people who have tattoos, regardless of their skill in a certain field. Some employers fear that a representative of their company who has a tattoo can mislead customers or co-workers. When tattoos are exposed people look at you differently. They don’t think if you’re a good person.

They think you are trashy, starving for attention, have poor Judgment, and that you are ignorant. Tattoos are cool in many ways. 34 percent of people with tattoos feel sexier with their tattoo and 29 percent of adults who have tattoos feel more rebellious, a Harris Interactive survey said. But tattoos can threaten your life without you knowing. If a tattoo parlor either reuses their needles or does not properly sterilize them, HIV and Hepatitis can be contracted due to the blood transfers through the needles. Even if needles are sterilized, it is till possible that HIV can be transferred,” said Omar E, shop apprentice for Nathan’s Tattoo and Body Piercing. This is a risk that many are willing to take in order to express one’s self through tattoos, but risking your life and image is more foolish. Young adults will get tattoos, and a few years later, hate it. This is a waste of money, cause harm to your body, and painful treatments to get rid of it. Young adult will always get tattoos without speaking to their parents or a responsible adult. Hopefully a few will listen and do research before getting a tattoo they will regret.

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NO one under 21 should have tatoos Essay
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