Nora`s character Essay

Nora ‘s character BY Mooonyl 991 at the beginning, the first impression about Nora is childish character that is willing to hid things and to easily lie. The audience first sees her as immature character, naive and superficial. She interacts with her husband at the same manner as a child and playfully. However, she obeys her husband and tries to make him happy as a typical 19 century woman. Moreover, her husband critics her throughout the play but Nora response in a behaved way as if she is his own doll which he can play and ove the way he wants to.

Then, another said of Nora ‘s character revels which is a clever woman who trays to save her husband life. She commits a crime in order to have money to treat her husband. This issue was a big secret no one knew about it except few people. After a wile the big secret was revealed to her husband. The reaction of her husband was the turning point in Nora ‘s life. Later on, a huge shift in Nora ‘s character. She realizes that her husband is a different person than she once believed.

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Nora`s character Essay
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It was as awaken shook to put away the childish gown to be a woman not a child or a doll to her husband. She realized that their marriage has been an illusion. As if they are acting and playing roles only in front the society. The only thing that matter is how society looks at them. Moreover, as if they are dolls and society moves the way they want. Eventually, the crime that she commits out of love was for nothing. This transformation, change her attitude, thoughts, character, priority even the way she speaks.

Her childish character and obedience was as a cover, a sense of guilt only to please her husband. moreover, there was Glimmer of hope that her husband ‘s love will make him forgave her. In the contrary she found out denial and cruelty. All what here husband cares about is his image in front of society. As a result, Nora levees her house. Some people said Nora leaves her house because she is selfish or can’t forgive her husband. In the contrary, I believe that she wants a new start. She relished that she is a child. She does not know anything about the world.

She knows a little about society. She feels that she is not a suitable mother or wife. That is way she I eaves her children behind. This shift brought a new Nora who was able to face her husband in equal conversation. For the first time, she spoke her thought out loud as a grownup woman. That gives her a chance to break the hidden strings that controlled her as a doll. She closed A Doll’s House in the other hand she opened a real door that she will explore the word as a human been, to find the real Nora not the doll.


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