Normalization Employeers Productivity Essay

There are several grounds why employers should be careful non to overwork their employers. At the top of that list is procuring long term sustainability. Long term sustainability involves mapping out executable productiveness programs that balance work force end product and employee care costs. This means that employers must factor in several other variables aside from net profitableness when finding the ideal figure of hours that their employees should work.

Where holding company policies that encourage overtime and consequentially overwork does be given to hike single employee productiveness in the short term. Gunner ( 2000 ) showed that the addition was lone portion of a rearward parabolic tendency. where a typical employee would work overly making a productiveness extremum and so fire out and lose productiveness within the following few months. This means that the overall productiveness of a peculiar employee would finally be the same or even lower than if the company did non promote overworking.

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Normalization Employeers Productivity Essay
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This is besides unwanted because companies besides do non by and large prefer a really high employee turnover which cripples production continuity and creates a negative image of the company as a impermanent stepping rock to greener grazing lands. The despotic method of overworking employees to acquire the maximal profitableness is non executable in current corporate clime where it is every bit hard to happen good employers as it is to happen good employees.

Companies should be interested in maintaining good employees and this means maintaining these employees satisfied with their work and their work atmosphere. Overworking is one of the major causes of emphasis which in bend is one of the primary causes of employment dissatisfaction ( Edwards. 2003 ) .

In decision. companies should keep the balance between employee productiveness and satisfaction by maintaining them from acquiring overworked. This benefits the company with normalized productiveness. prevents work force burnout. and improves employer profile.


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