Norse Creation Myth Sample Essay

At the beginning of clip. nil existed. The Earth. the soft oceans lapping up against its shores. adult male and animate being had non yet been created. Merely a great oscitance abysm was present in the nothingness of void. Out of the abysm. a land of ageless mist. darkness and awful cold was formed to the North ; to all existences. this land was known as Niflheim. In the thick of the Dark Land surged a fountain known as Hvergelmir. from which spread the stop deading glacial Waterss of 12 rivers throughout the nothingness. To the South lay the land of Fire. Muspellsheim ; an infernal part of intolerable. insatiate heat and fires. From at that place poured rivers of fire whose Waterss contained a acrimonious toxicant which. small by small. gathered and became a solid mass. From the ice fluxing from the North. this mass of venom was covered in a thick bed of hoar. With the heat blowing from the lands of Fire. the hoar began to run. and the elephantine Ymir was born from toxicant and ice. Ymir became the male parent of all giants. On the dark of his creative activity. he fell asleep near the lands of the South and became wholly bathed in perspiration: from under his left arm were born adult male and adult female. both giants like him.

At the same clip. the block of ice from which he was born gave forth the great cow Audumla. the wet nurse of the giants. Ymir refreshed himself from her bags at the beginning of every twenty-four hours. which flowed with vitalizing milk. Audumla began to cream the salt from the ice to nurture herself. and the heat of her lingua and breath yielded foremost the hair. so the caput. and eventually the full organic structure of a being whose name was Buri. Buri had a boy whose name was Bor. who went on to get married Ymir’s girl. Bestla. With her. he fathered the three Gods Odin. Vili and Ve. The three boies of the Giants’ race at one time began to arise against their Godheads. which ended in the obliteration of the Giants. They foremost killed the aged Ymir. So much blood flowed from his shattered organic structure that the abysm was filled with it. All of the other Giants drowned in the blood. salvage Beregelmir and his married woman. who managed to establish a little boat and flight ; it is from them that a new race of giants issued. After the decease of Ymir. the boies of Bor raised his organic structure from the deepnesss of the sea of blood and created Earth with it. which became known as Midgard or the ‘Middle Abode’ . for it was situated midway between Niflheim and Muspellsheim.

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Norse Creation Myth Sample Essay
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The flesh of Ymir became the land on which we live. and his blood became the boundless ocean. From his castanetss. the Gods created the mountains ; from his hair. they created the trees. They took the skull of Ymir and raised it up on four pillars of bone and made it into the Vault of the Heavens. in which they kept the flickers of fire that escaped from Muspellsheim. These flickers became the Sun. Moon and the countless stars in the dark sky. their class throughout the sky was regulated and kept changeless. making dark and twenty-four hours ; summer and winter. With the Sun in the sky. it threw its aureate beams across the waste Earth. and the first blades of green grass appeared. Soon other Gods came to fall in Odin. Vili and Ve. They seemed to look out of the abysm. holding no male parent or female parent. Together the Gods created their dwelling topographic point. which became known as Asgard ‘The Dwelling of the Aesir’ . in which each of them have a expansive sign of the zodiac. This land was created above Midgard. so that the Gods could maintain ticker over the universe that they were making.

To acquire back and Forth between Midgard and Asgard they created the great Rainbow Bridge known as Bifrost. which was guarded by Heimdall. the God of Bifrost. As the Gods gathered. they deliberated on the mode in which the Earth might best be peopled. In the decomposing cadaver of Ymir. chows were get downing to organize. The Gods changed all of the chow into the midgets. giving them human signifier and permeating them with ground. Because the midgets were born from the flesh of Ymir. the Gods decided that they shall go on to populate as they had since their birth. hidden from the visible radiation of the Sun in the flesh of their Godhead. Soon the visible radiation of the Sun became lifelessly to them. turning them into rock at the slightest exposure. There were no adult females among the midgets ; hence they were non able to hold kids. Therefore. the Gods gave the midgets two princes. who had the ability to model new midgets out of the rocks of the Earth. Thus the race of midgets infinitely continued. Work force were created from the vegetable universe by the Gods Odin. Hoenir and Lodur. One twenty-four hours the three Gods were going across the waste Earth and came across two trees with life-less distorted short pantss.

Odin shaped each of the trees into a adult male and a adult female. and gave each of them breath. Hoenir gave them a psyche and the ability to ground. Lodur gave them heat and the fresh colourss of life. The adult male was called Ask and his married woman was Embla. and they proceeded to make the race of adult male. The land of Niflheim ( or Niflhel ) became the land where the dead would travel after their clip on Earth had elapsed. It was known as a land of ageless sleet and hoar. The goddess Hel became the swayer of this sphere. and her faithful hound. Garm. guarded the entryway to forestall the dead from of all time go forthing and the life from come ining. Out of the pandemonium of the abysm rose the three Norns. goddesses of Fate. Their names were Urd ( Past ) . Verdandi ( Present ) . and Skuld ( Future ) . Urd appeared in the signifier of a dried-up old beldam. while Verdandi was a adult females in her premier. Skuld was a beautiful immature maiden. Together the three Norns cared for the Life-Tree. Yggdrasil until the twenty-four hours of Ragnarok when it is destined to decease. After the creative activity of the different degree. or planes of being. the great ash tree Yggdrasil began to turn and link all of the degrees. Its first root signifier in the land of Niflheim. from this root bubbled the spring of Hvergelmir. the beginning of the crude rivers. The 2nd root of the great tree extended into the land of the giants. covered with hoar and ice.

This is where the fountain Mimir flowed. This spring was a beginning of great wisdom from which Odin desired to imbibe. nevertheless the monetary value demanded for a few checkerss was the loss of one of his eyes. The 3rd root extended all the manner up into the celestial spheres. and issued the spring Urd. This is where the Norns resided. pulling H2O from this well at the beginning of each twenty-four hours and scattering it on the roots of Yggdrasil so that it would non shrivel off. In the highest subdivisions of the tree sat a aureate prick. which kept a changeless watchfulness of the skyline to warn the Gods whenever their antediluvian enemies. the Giants. were fixing to assail them. Under Yggdrasil. the horn of the God Heimdall was hidden. whose sound would denote the concluding conflict of the Aesir against all whom wished to do their ruin. Near the bole of the tree was a topographic point of ageless peace. where the God would run into day-to-day to render justness. In its subdivisions the caprine animal Heidrun browsed ; she gave Odin’s warriors the milk with which they were nourished.

There existed devils that would invariably endeavor to destruct Yggdrasil. the Tree of Life. A craft monster. the serpent Nidhogg. Saturday at the base of the 3rd root and gnawed at it endlessly. Four hart wandered at the base of the tree and would nibble off all of the immature green shoots. forestalling farther growing of the tree. Thankfully. due to the careful attending given by the Norns. the tree was able to boom. At the clip of the creative activity of the universe. it was foretold that it would non be ageless. In the Day of the End. Ragnarok. the Earth would be lacerate asunder in a mighty conflict between the Gods of the Aesir and the Giants. Great conflicts of might and magic would be fought. cut downing all life to ashes. Yggdrasil would fall. directing the beds of the universe crashing down. The hound Garm. guarding the entryway to Niflheim would fly in panic. and the dead will get away. lifting once more to the Earth as pestilences and disease to contend alongside the Gods. In the terminal of the conflict. everything would be destroyed ; the Gods. giants. work forces and animate beings would discontinue to be.


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