Northern Rock Bank in United Kingdom


In the wake of the prostration of several good known administrations such as Northern Rock Bank in United Kingdom ( UK ) , the construction of executive compensation systems has become a controversial issue in corporate finance. It stemmed from the fact that investing Bankss had paid big fillips to their employees, peculiarly to managerial degree executives. Nevertheless, the executives end up with hapless corporate public presentation and finally led to concern prostration.

In world, an executive compensation strategy maps as a mechanism to supply an inducement to Chief Executive Officers ( CEOs ) to move in the best involvements of the stockholders. Meanwhile, it plays a function to promote the directors to take hazardous investing which would increase the house ‘s value. ( Chaudhri, V. , 2003 )

Harmonizing to March and Simon ( 1993, p. 82 ) , “the greater the dependance of pecuniary wages on public presentation, the more favourable are the effects perceived as ensuing from a determination to increase production.” Furthermore, they agree that an incentive will increase the directors ‘ attempt work toward the ends and aims of the corporate.

Typically, there are two sorts of executive compensations which are fillips and stock option grants tied to public presentation. They are normally offer really clear connexions between house public presentation and single compensation. Therefore, a chiseled executive compensation strategy would reenforce the director inducements and lead to better corporate public presentation. ( Harris, J. and Bromiley, P. , 2007 )

Literature Review

In fact, the managers of the company usage executive compensation to battle the chief agent job. The chief agent job stems from the stockholders ( principal ) desire the executive ( agent ) to maximise their value. Nevertheless, the stockholders are unable to detect or measure the executive managers sufficiently. ( Lilling, M.S. , 2006 )

In add-on, fixed wages mitigate the executives ‘ inducements to maximise stockholder value. ( Chaudhri, V. , 2003 ) Hence, in order to battle this job, there is an being of wage for public presentation inducements in executive compensation contract to counterbalance Chief Executive Officers ( CEOs ) . It aims to promote the executives to execute good by alining the involvement of Chief Executive Officers ( CEOs ) and stockholders. ( Lilling, M.S. , 2006 )

In retrospect to the old 20 old ages, there has been a enormous development in empirical economic testing which successfully prove that executive inducement compensation was effectual. The degree of managerial attempt to battle the rule agent job is comparatively high with the wage of executive incentive compensation. It impressed that Chief Executive Compensation is an effectual manner to work out the chief agent job. Furthermore, it besides indicates that Chief Executive Compensation and public presentation are both to a great extent linked during the initial old ages of an executive ‘s calling. ( Lilling, M.S. , 2006 )

Presents, nevertheless it does non actuate the director efficaciously to endeavor for the interest neither of the company nor the stockholders. Alternatively, the executive manager fringe benefits are set with stockholders ‘ involvement in head.

Presently, Chief Executive Officers ( CEOs ) with big sums of stock options tend to be provided with an inducement to misstate the fiscal statement. They attempt to better existent fiscal public presentation via illicit agencies. Illicit means include direct deceit of the house ‘s fiscal results or improperly misrepresent the fiscal statement to avoid exposure. Subsequently, by bettering reported public presentation, it would promote stock monetary values and executive compensation of the Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) . ( Harris, J. and Bromiley, P. , 2007 )

Harmonizing to Varian ( 2002, p.10 ) , Chief Executive Officers ( CEOs ) who are entitled to ample sum of stock options will be more likely to be induced by strong enticement to unnaturally blow up stock monetary values. ( Harris, J. and Bromiley, P. , 2007 ) This was evidenced by the dramatic failures in corporate history, such as One.Tel which is an Australian telecommunications. Its Chief Executive Officers ( CEOs ) compensation was non decently thought through and implemented. As a consequence, its market portion yielded negative corporate result. Finally, it resulted in terrible loss of the stockholder value. ( Chaudhri, V. , 2003 )

As a consequence, a few experts call for entire alteration in executive inducement compensation system. For cases, the former Federal Reserve Board president, Paul Volcker, concludes that all stock option compensation should be scrapped, due to the about the manner of stock options are capable to mistreat and tempted.

Due to the current direction ethical is deteriorated, Chief Executive Officers ( CEOs ) tend to adversely misstate the fiscal statement. Even if that director by and large yields towards ethical actions, however the likeliness of managerial improperness would be arisen with the incentives higher paid of compensation strategies.

The misstatement of the fiscal statement by Chief Executive Officers ( CEOs ) will hold important impact on houses and its stakeholders. Furthermore, the disclosures of misstatement will frequently ensue in catastrophic corporate economic results. Subsequently, the assurance of its stakeholders such as employees, clients, providers, and investors who depend on its fiscal coverage will be badly damaged. ( Harris, J. and Bromiley, P. , 2007 )


Indeed, an inducement executive compensation is in rule aimed at countervailing the principal and agent aims. It is effectual due to the positive relationship between CEO compensation and market value of a house. ( Lilling, M.S. , 2006 ) Furthermore, a chiseled executive compensation strategy will reenforce the inducement of the directors and lead to better corporate public presentation. ( Harris, J. and Bromiley, P. , 2007 )

Presently, nevertheless, there is a considerable contention around the comparative virtues of fiscal and non monetary benefits within administrations. ( Chaudhri, V. , 2003 ) It stems from an happening of the roseola misstated fiscal statement by the unethical CEO who with significant compensation paid. As a consequence, there is a terrible loss of the populace ‘s trust. ( Harris, J. and Bromiley, P. , 2007 )

Therefore, there should be exchange between the civilization, transparence and openness of information across an administration which is more focal point on maximizing stockholder value across clip instead than tout executive compensation strategies. Furthermore, the corporate administration should go around around raising constructions that may promote the agent who is the director to be consistent with the aim of maximization the stockholders value. ( Chaudhri, V. , 2003 )

Finally, the house besides should play the important function to be sagely in planing and finding the appropriate compensation strategies to actuate the independent managers. For illustration, curtail the CEO stocks award based on specific demands. Meanwhile, they should be imposed to move for the best involvement of the stockholders but non fringe benefits are set with stockholders ‘ involvement in head. ( Harris, J. and Bromiley, P. , 2007 )


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