Notes on the Duggar Family Sample Essay

I. Intro
A. The Duggar’s have gotten their popularity from TLC’s show 19 Kids and Counting. B. Although the household is celebrated because they have many kids. the Duggar’s are still a normal household. II. Body

A. Family construction. functions. and values.
1. The hubby and married woman. Jim Bob and Michelle. are still married. 2. There is no chief breadwinner in the Duggar household.
a. The male parent. Jim Bob. is a commercial existent estate investor. When he is non at work he helps take attention of the kids. B. The female parent. Michelle. is a existent estate investor and besides takes attention of the childs. c. The Duggar household uses a brother system. The older siblings are assigned to a younger sibling and they help take attention of that kid. B. Religious beliefs and populating agreements.

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Notes on the Duggar Family Sample Essay
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1. The Duggar household is a really spiritual household.
a. They pattern Christianity.
B. Some of the Duggar kids read up to 5 chapters of the bible every twenty-four hours. c. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believe that faith is the most of import thing for their household and matrimony. 2. They all live in the same house.

a. The oldest boy. Josh. and his married woman. Anna. unrecorded offprint from the household since they have started a household of their ain. B. All the other 18 kids still live with the household.
c. The household lives in a immense house in Arkansas and none of the kids have their ain room. C. How limelight affects the household construction and how household handles battles. 1. The Duggar’s attempt non to allow limelight impact the household. a. They are really conservative and home school all the kids. B. They besides limit the sum of clip that each kid is on the cyberspace and tickers telecasting. 2. Struggle from abortion of babe figure 20.

a. Michelle was pregnant with their 20th babe in 2011. She had a abortion in December 2011. b. Michelle Duggar told People magazine. “The Lord is the giver of life and he can take when that life is ready to travel on and be with Him. ” III. Decision

A. The Duggar’s are a normal household and are blessed with 19 kids and 2 grandchildren. Overall. they are a normal household that have Christian values and travel through mundane battles like every other household.


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