Nothing Can Happen More Beautiful Than Death Sample Essay

In decease. people will happen that it is a ravishing. dramatic thing. “Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall” was written to demo the beauty in decease. Peoples see how attractively colored the foliages are. but they don’t seem to recognize that the foliages are deceasing and that’s what makes them capturing. The manner that leaves alteration colour is a procedure that most people normally won’t understand. but in order for them to turn colourss. they have to decease. Leafs are green in the spring and summer. and so for a period of clip. the foliages turn a assortment of colourss ; nevertheless. foliages are merely those colourss for a short sum of clip. Leafs stay long plenty for people to bask them. and so they dry up and fall off in the winter. Even though the foliages are deceasing in the autumn. the foliages are brilliant. Most people holding problem seeing how decease is beautiful. They can’t truly acquire past the unhappiness that blinds them from seeing the beauty. An even harder construct is non seeing the beauty of decease in foliages. but seeing the dramatic thing about decease in other populating things such as people. There is something lovely about decease but people don’t seem to see it.

Most people are blinded by decease. When people lose person that is beloved to them. they grieve over it. They don’t see the significance in the decease. They don’t look deeper into it. they are stuck merely dunking their pess in the H2O alternatively of really taking a honkytonk into the pool. The idea of decease makes a batch of people melancholy. but truly. decease is bittersweet. This is because even though there are blue people when it comes to losing person. they can still joy about it excessively which is the job that most people can’t understand. “How can person be on cloud nine about losing person? ”

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Nothing Can Happen More Beautiful Than Death Sample Essay
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It might non be a really joyous clip for the individual that is sorrowing. but it is for the 1 that took their last breath. Everyone has heard of the stating “They are in a much better topographic point now” whenever person they know has passed off. which that stating is true. Person. multiple people really. are out in this universe enduring. whether medically. or finically. but they are still enduring. Populating in this universe is a battle. That’s why the deceased are in a much better topographic point. they don’t have to worry about if they have adequate money to make certain things. or pay measures. or be in any more hurting that they have dealt with. It’s difficult for most people to recognize that. Largely everyone is stuck in their ain universe of sadness alternatively of believing about how their loved one feels in their new universe.

Death is besides beaming because it helps people appreciate the things they have in life. Most people take for granted the particular people that they have in their lives. The job with that is. they might wake up and non hold that particular individual with them any longer. Death helps people recognize how of import it is to state person “I love you. ” or be with them every bit much as they can because they might non the opportunity to make it once more. Everyone has people in their life that they care about and love. but besides most people aren’t acknowledgeable about the fact that someday they won’t be at that place. so they should bask the yearss that they have with them and appreciate every second of it. Lives can stop merely every bit rapidly as they have begun. Anything can go on.

Peoples can’t take for granted the yearss of their lives. Peoples aren’t one hundred per centum guaranteed another twenty-four hours to populate. Most people take their lives and others’ lives for granted. They don’t recognize how rapidly it can come to an terminal. Most people don’t recognize what they have until it’s gone. They are so used to holding that certain particular person with them every twenty-four hours and so when they are gone. they don’t cognize what to make. When they are gone is when they realize how of import that individual was to them. Everyone is guilty of taking advantage of person or taking them for granted and so recognizing how of import they are to you one time they aren’t at that place for you anymore. Once they’re gone. they can’t have them back so it’s of import to appreciate every minute with them.

Death is a portion of the circle of the life. Everyone has to confront the point of decease finally. whether tomorrow. or a hebdomad from now. or twenty old ages from now but everyone must confront it finally. Everyone is born. lives their life to an extent and when they’ve had plenty. decease comes and wraps its weaponries around them and takes them to a better topographic point. Since it is the circle of life. everyone will see their loved 1s they have lost finally. so alternatively of mourning over person that is gone. believe about how much happier they are in their new universe and how they’ll be reunited with one another in clip.

Death is all about. Everyone dies a small spot more each twenty-four hours. Everyone will hold to confront decease finally and until so. they should appreciate the things in life that are particular because it could be gone within a wink of an oculus. Nothing is guaranteed in life so people have to do certain that they don’t take things for granted and love every minute of life. Peoples need to state the particular people in their life “I love you” every bit much as possible and do certain to demo it excessively. Death is breathtaking. and one time people get past the bereavement phase. they will recognize the decease is really beaming.


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