Nuclear War Is An Interesting Subject. It Is Amazing How Some Countrie Essay

s can bully other countries just because they have nuclear warfare. I feel that is what we have been doing and are doing right now. Nobody ever thought that pushing around the little guys like Afghanistan and India would ever hurt us. Then all of a sudden look who does some testing. So what do we do? Tell them they are not allowed to do what we have do in the last fifty years, test bombs underground.

I picked this topic because it interests me. I am hoping to learn more about it and what it’s effect on the environment is. It is a topic that has serious consequences if the world does not handle it correctly, I think that is why it interests me.

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Nuclear War Is An Interesting Subject. It Is Amazing How Some Countrie Essay
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I hope to learn as much as I can about this topic, I believe it is one of the most important topics that was on the sheet because if it is not handled correctly, there will be no environment to care for?
Russia and U.S. Plan to Guard Atom Secrets
New York Times; New York; Sept. 23, 1998; Michael R. Gordon;
The U.S. and Russia were the first to have nuclear weapons. But since the breakup of ?Russia? there nuclear program has basically fallen apart. This article generally says that the workers who used to built Russia’s nuclear weapons, are being offered ?jobs? by countries like Iraq, Iran and North Korea. The U.S. and Russia formed a panel to convert Arzamas-16, a old Russian nuclear weapons
Factory in to an automotive factory. The U.S. also plans to help by buying all the uranium left over.

The Nuclear Weapons Race
The nuclear weapons race is heating up. Only about five countries have nuclear warfare. These weapons are dangerous to not only are health but our environment. This power could be used for peace instead of war. I personally believe that ourselves, the U.S. is responsible for most of the test that are being conducted by other counties today. These other countries are doing what we secretively did fifty years ago. And now we are slapping their fingers for doing it. But what should we do? There are a few stances that some take. Should we give all the knowledge we learned though the tests to the other countries, or would that lead to a global suicide? I think this method would work besides the fact that there are mad men running some or most of the foreign countries. The second method is to throw away all the knowledge we gained and make all the other counties and do so also, but this again is virtually impossible because chances are there is going to be a loop in the sweep and someone somewhere will know something?
What can we do? Something is going to have to be done somehow. Every test that takes place is making it harder and harder on the environment. Some thing has to be done.
The showdown ahead
Newsweek; New York; Sept, 28,1998; Gregory L. Vistica; Melinda Lui;
This article says that North Korea signed a treaty with the U.S. not to make plutonium and ?freeze? there Nuclear Development program. Then they launched a three-stage rocket, a step away form becoming an intercontinental missile. A spy satellite took photos of workers burrowing through a mountain in the countryside, a suspected plutonium plant. But Sen. John McCain proposed an amendment that requires President Clinton ,if he is around, to certify sometime next year that North Korea’s nuclear program is ?frozen?. Clinton will risk losing congressional support if he does not do this.


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