Nucor Corporation Case Essay


For more than 20 old ages the Nucor Corporation has been one of the taking makers of steel and steel related merchandises in the universe. With their engineering promotion. low debt ratio. decentralized type of organisation and many more. this company still thrives to accomplish better ends in their company. Aside from the positive positions of the company. it besides faced jobs like bankruptcy. ( te pakidagdagan n lng )

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Nucor Corporation Case Essay
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Nucor traced its beginnings to car maker Ransom E. Olds. who founded Oldsmobile. and subsequently. Reo Motor Cars. Through a series of minutess. the company finally became the Nuclear Corporation of America. a company involved in the atomic instrument and electronics concern. In 1972. the house changed its name to Nucor Corporation. By 1998. it had become America’s second-largest steel shaper.


Nucor related its diverse installations in rural countries across the United States. set uping strong ties to its local communities and its work force. As a taking employer with the ability to pay top rewards. it attracted hard-working. dedicated employees. These factors besides allowed Nucor to choose from among viing venues. locating its operations in provinces with revenue enhancement constructions that encouraged concern growing and regulative policies that favored the company’s committedness to staying union-free. By mid-2008. Nucor operated 53 installations throughout the United States and one in Point Lisas. Trinidad. The company besides maintained operations through entirely owned subordinates. Harris Steel and the David J. Joseph Company ( DJJ ) .


Nucor’s scheme focused on two major competences: edifice steel fabrication installations economically and runing them fruitfully.

Organization Structure:

Compared to the typical Fortune 500 company with 10 or more direction beds. Nucor’s Structure was decentralized. with merely the four direction beds illustrated below: Chairman / Vice Chairman / President

Vice President / Plant General Manager
Department Manager

Human Resource Policies:

Employee dealingss at Nucor were based on four rules: 1. Management is obligated to pull off Nucor in such a manner that employee will hold the chance to gain harmonizing to their productiveness. 2. Employees should experience confident that if they do their occupations decently. they will hold a occupation tomorrow. 3. Employees have the right to be treated reasonably.

4. Employees must hold an avenue of entreaty when they believe they are being treated below the belt.


Nucor provided employees with a performance-related compensation system. All employees were covered under one of four compensation program. each having inducements for run intoing specific ends and marks.

1. Production Incentive Plan

* employees straight involved in fabrication were paid hebdomadal fillips based on existent end product in relation to anticipated production tunnages produced. The fillips were paid merely for work that met the quality criterions and were pegged to work group. instead than single end product. 2. Department Manager Incentive Plan

* Department directors earned an one-year inducement fillips based on the public presentation of the full program to which they belonged. The targeted public presentation standard here was return on assets.

3. Non-Production and Non-Department Manager Incentive Plan * All employees non in the Production Incentive Plan or Department Manager

Incentive Plan – including comptrollers. applied scientists. secretaries. clerks. and receptionists – received a fillip based chiefly on each plant’s return on assets. It could number over 25 % of an employee’s base wage.

4. Senior Military officers Incentive Plan

* Included all corporate executives and works general directors. A part of pre-tax net incomes was placed into a pool that was divided among the officers. If Nucor did good. the officers’ fillips. in the signifier of stock ( about 60 % ) and hard currency ( about 40 % ) . could amount to several times their base wages. If Nucor did ill. an officer’s compensation was merely basal wage and. hence. significantly below the mean wage for this degree of duty.

Information Systems:


Nucor took an classless attack toward employee benefits. Nucor’s benefit plan besides attested to the company’s committedness to instruction.


Nucor did non hold a formal R & A ; D section. a corporate technology group. or a main engineering officer. Alternatively. it relied on equipment providers and other companies to make the R & A ; D. and they adopted the technological promotions they developed – whether in steel or Fe devising. or in fiction. Teams composed of troughs. applied scientists. and machine operators decided what engineering to follow.


The company’s biggest challenge ( in the hereafter ) is to go on to turn the company at 15 – 20 % per twelvemonth. and to maintain net incomes parallel with its growing.


Nucor Corporation became one of the top corporations in the steel industry because of their handicraft and engineering invention. This company besides sees and takes attention of its employee’s demands. which in return gives them a quality service in their work.


Nucor. even though we can see it as a successful. about perfect company. still faces jobs like other concerns in the industry.


The company has lost one-third to one-half of its market value when the stock reached its peak value ( mid-2008 ) . and has non recovered as of 2012.


We can urge alteration in the company’s engineering. like acquiring more beforehand equipments in doing steel and steel-related merchandises. Or the company could do a amalgamation to other company to use its resources to its upper limit while maintaining cost depression.


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