Nuh in Singapore Essay

I. Introduction The National University Hospital (NUH) is a tertiary specialist hospital that provides advanced, leading-edge medical care and services. They have high tech facilities as well as well trained and committed staff and have wide range of medical specialists. It includes Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics and Orthopaedic Surgery.

Moreover it was chosen by the Ministry of Health in 2007 to develop two new national specialist centres which are the National University Heart Centre, Singapore and National University Cancer Institute, Singapore. The NUH became the first Singapore hospital to receive Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation in 2004. Vision -Shaping Medicine for the Future Mission -Advancinghealth by integrating excellent clinical care, research and education. Core Value -Teamwork, respect, integrity, compassion, excellence Quality Policy To Our Patients – Quality Care and Service -To Our Staff – Safe and Fulfilling Work Environment -To Our Community – Responsible Citizenry II. SWOT Analysis of NUH StrengthWeakness -Good reputation : get many rewards -At the forefront of medical, nursing and dental education in Asia -Strong resources : good at research and development, innovation -Experienced medical professionals as well as dedicated and well-trained medical staff-Less exposure to international platform -Regional presence is not too strong compare to other public hospital OpportunityThreat Hospital is under expansion : NUH medical centre is under construction and integration -Strong human resources : hospital link with medical university -Major referral centre delivering tertiary care for a wide range of medical and dental specialties -Being teaching related hospital make NUH as research type hospital-Competition within the regional firms -Private hospitals equipped with advanced and innovative technologies -Innovation of hospital information system infrastructure III. The external environmental factors

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Continual changes in the external environment have major impacts on the way the hospital manage their business around the world including . The “external environment” consists of factors outside the organization that affects the main internal functions of the business and possibly the objectives of the business and its strategies. Increasing workforce diversity, economic changes, and technological advances are some of the external environment factors that impact on the management function of the hospital.

Technological Factors As the NUH is a customer service based health care business, the management of the NUH knows that the technological plays the important role in four management functions which is important to the patients overall comfort and convenience. •Planning During the planning function of management, managers analyze the current workflow of the hospital and identify which department is needed to improve by supporting new technologies. In this stage, the responsibilities of anager also include finding the new technological that could be beneficial in providing services to the patients. As the NUH is strongly focus on research and development, the role of technologies is critical for the hospital. •Organizing In the organizing function of management, the manager organized the analysis of the workflow that will prove or disprove that a new system would increase the efficiency of the hospital. The organization of information includes the possible pros and cons that could arise form using new technologies in the hospital. •Leading

In leading function of management, the management of the hospital assigns the leader or expertise that can better manage the operation of technology and also have the ability to lead their fellow staffs. In case of choosing the leader , the management ask the question to the employees of the department so that they could better understand how to implement the team. •Controlling In the controlling function of management the manager control over the program and control over how and when the staffs get trained to operate the new system once the plan is selected and put into place.

Workforce Diversity NUH believe that diversity enriches their performance and services, the communities where we live and work. Diversity provides a better chance for a hospital to become global, thus serving local patients and even to the international platform. NUH employs people from more than 400 staffs from neighborhood Asian countries and professional from the other region. To keep this company so diversely successful, it is pertinent that all four functions of management are practiced. •Planning

Planning is the key element of the four management functions for this NUH. The diversity in the hospital brings prosperity with good customer services and effective treatment. The creativeness from the diverse minds of employees makes hospital to better manage any complications or conflicts between staffs, choose the correct strategies, and configure the right resources needed to achieve the hospital goal. •Organizing In order to keep the entire diverse staff mutually effective, organization is an important skill that the NUH practiced in the organization.

Without organization, it is difficult to delegate the responsibilities of certain duties to the right people. With so much diversity, complications may arise in dividing the employees into the correct working teams. In order to be a forceful competitor, NUH have put a lot effort to get the minimal and un-effective outcomes due to poor organizational skills. •Leading NUH is such a huge, well-organized hospital that it is essential to have an immense leadership team.

Diversity in the employees means that there are various natures of leaders so NUH pick good leaders to be able to motivate the employees to perform at their highest potential. The hospital team leader responsibilities include everyday contact, guidance, and inspiration for the employees. •Controlling Controlling ensures the ultimate goals that the NUH hospital planned for will be met. As Diverse minds mean diverse working skills and ethics so the hospital control these diverse workforce to operate together as a whole to achieve their goals in effective ways.

IV. Corporate Strategies of NUH As a healthcare institution, the NUH is constantly striving to improve patient outcome and be the best place to give and receive care. ?Strategic alliances NUH Rehabilitation Medicine Department and the Singapore Polyclinic had siged for MOU to overcome limitations in current therapy to help patients achieve better outcomes. ?Differentiate strategy The NUH is differentiating themselves by opening some events to patients and people and showing them the affection to the patient and providing better facilities to them.

On March 2000, the NUH opened the ‘A Walk-A-Jog’ to their liver patients marked the official launch of the NUH Endowment Fund. The Rehabilitation Centre was renovated and re-opened in September to better cater to patient needs. ?Diversification strategy They are not just having Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics and Orthopaedic Surgery but also opening the eye centre to diversify their specialties.

The NUH Eye Centre @ Biopolis that is designed with the patients’ interest and safety in mind to provide a wide range of eye care services, LASIK and refractive surgery for patiens was officially opened on 3 November 2009. V. Recommendation Even though the NUH is at the forefront of medical, nursing and dental education in Asia and is strong in researching, development and innovation, they have to overcome the weaknesses and threats that they are facing. The followings are the way to overcome those weaknesses and threats, While forming alliances with local hospitals, they have to form a partnership with those international hospitals. For example, Parkway Health is having partnership with hospitals that are in Korea. As they are forming partnership with the Korea hospital it is known to people more than the past. And many people are trying to have the surgery or treatment at Parkway Health as they conduct the name of the Parkway Health. •Nowadays Private hospitals are equipping more and more advanced and innovative technologies.

By using concentration strategy they will be able to stand forefront still in Asia. Showing patients the quality of the specialties of their fields. •By expanding the number of hospitals can be the way to overcome the threats. The NUH is located at Pulau Bukom and those who stay far apart from it won’t be able to get to the hospital as they need the medical treatment whenever they want. However, increasing the number of hospital to the regional presence, many people who need the medical treatment will be easy to get to the hospital.


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