Nurse Advocates: Past, Present, and Future. Sample Essay

In order to obtain support for community plans aimed at bettering wellness attention. there must be a individual or group that sees the demand for this to happen. This individual or group would look to province bureaus. school boards. or other aspects to donate money. In this paper. a community nurse is composing to a province section of wellness to inquire for a grant that would fund wellness plans aimed at kids that would include exercising plans and nutrition guidance. The Sigma Theta Tau enterprises will be utilized to assist the nurse provide grounds to convert the board that the plan would be worthy of support. The missive would read as follows: November 27. 2012

My name is ************* RN. the ground I am composing you today is inquiring to set up a community plan focused on bettering the wellness of grownups that would include exercising and nutrition guidance. You may cognize that Sigma Theta Tau. an international nursing society committed to bettering the acquisition. cognition. and professional development of nurses ( Sigma Theta Tau. 199-2011 ) . has teamed with the United Nations. which is committed to keeping international peace and security. developing friendly dealingss among states and advancing societal advancement. better life criterions and human rights ( United Nations. 2011 ) . and established the U. N. Millennium Development Goals. I would wish to turn to. specifically. cut downing child mortality by increasing their physical activity and educating them on healthy nutrient picks. While executing an appraisal of the community. I found that it was missing in resources for kids to do healthy picks that would fix them for a life-time of positive picks.

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Nurse Advocates: Past, Present, and Future. Sample Essay
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I have chosen to reach you because your group plays a critical function in the wellness and safety of kids demonstrated by the headstart plan and nutrient larder to call two. I understand Northeast Iowa Community Action is a non-profit organisation reliant upon grants. which can restrict the sum of assistance provided to the community. Continued stimulus alterations and reforms are besides impacting community wellness attention. To battle the lacks identified. I have a proposal that would promote young person to increase their physical activity and do healthier picks at mealtimes. particularly at place. Initially. I would speak to kids as a group. foremost to place their involvements and abilities to make group exercises. I would so speak to kids separately to happen out their specific eating wonts. particularly the repasts they eat with their households during non-school times. A meeting would necessitate to be set up with the school board and dietetic staff to discourse current repast programs and options for increasing their nutritionary value. There are many produce agriculturists in this community and set uping inducements for a farm to school plan would profit these kids vastly. Harmonizing to Farm to School 2011. this type of plan began in an attempt to convey healthy. fresh green goods to schools and assist lower the happening of childhood fleshiness.

With extra support from a grant we could spouse with this plan and supply non merely healthy nutrient but nutrient that is sustainable which would hike the local economic system. “In. The Voice of Florence Nightingale on Advocacy. they province that while Nightingale did non straight use the word protagonism as a nursing duty. her actions and her authorship were systematically about recommending for alteration. The adult female who is credited with set uping nursing as a profession. instead than a domestic service. advocated for persons. specific groups. and society as a whole. She was cognizant of the demand to get the better of gender prejudice through increasing chances for adult females. She insisted on equity of attention regardless of faith or religion. and was a reformer for basic human rights. Selanders and Crane remind us that her techniques became the footing for modern nursing leading theories. and that it is clear Florence Nightingale knew the importance of both leading and protagonism. Nightingale has been followed by coevalss of nurses who have identified the demands of patients and taken action to acquire these demands met. Mary Maryland and Rose Gonzalez offer illustrations of how this mission continues today in their article. “Patient Advocacy in the Community and Legislative Arenas. ”

They point out that because nurses are trusted by patients and the populace as a whole. we can act upon attention in our ain communities. our provinces. and our state by taking portion in the legislative procedure. We are reminded that we have of import information to portion with our governmental representatives and policy shapers about the effects of their picks and statute law on persons and groups. The writers educate readers on how the legislation procedure works along with ways for nurses to acquire involved. Their specific illustrations of protagonism for single patients and community plans are particularly helpful for nurses who are working to better health care locally. ” ( Overview and Summary. 2012. p1 ) . As you can see. childhood fleshiness is of great concern to me and by taking immediate stairss to try to cut down the hazard this community would be good on its manner to accomplishing one of the ends set Forth by the UN and Sigma Theta Tau.

The community would profit enormously in the long tally as the kids grow up doing wise determinations sing their wellness. If the kids learn from an early age the importance of a healthy diet and exercising. they should be more likely to do healthier determinations in the hereafter. Thank you for your consideration in this affair. I hope you agree with me that this is desperately needed in order to assist acquire our kids on the right path towards a successful hereafter. I uneasily await your response. Sincerely.


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