Nursing Education Essay

Education and the Future of Nursing September 9, 2013 GU Education Is a vital factor In the field of nursing. Nursing Is one of the biggest workforces in the united States, and in the health care field specifically, “with more than 3 million members, the nursing profession is the largest segment in the nation’s health care workforce” . For this reason, the Institute of Medicine has worked to make recommendations on the future education of nurses, and why this is important to the quality of care for patients.

The author of this paper will discuss some of those recommendations, and advise how she plans to Incorporate them Into her own future education. One of the recommendations made by the Institute is that the nursing field increase the number of nurses with a bachelor’s degree to 80% by the year 2020. This author agrees with the need for increased education for nurses, and is currently working on her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.

During her coursework, she has learned many things about the health care field that she was not exposed to during re clinical education. Understanding the challenges and trends In the health care field allows her to be a more effective employee, and adds value to her role as a nurse. Increasing her education on the most recent technological advances in health care ensures that she is able to interact and help patients with questions and concerns in a variety of topics. Having her bachelor’s degree will also allow her to complete more In the Job market.

The work and dedication required to earn this degree shows future employers Tanat seen Is ten type AT employee won Tools tongue on commitments, and isn’t afraid to work hard for the things that she wants. Committing to being a lifelong learner means that she will be able to act as a source of information for patients and fellow employees. Another recommendation made by the Institute of Medicine is that the number of nurses who hold doctoral degrees double by the year 2020.

This is important because it creates a workforce of nurses that are experts within their field, and rates opportunities for ideas and innovation based on highly skilled workers. This author plans to continue on in her education and hopes to reach a Master’s of Science in Nursing. One of the biggest issues facing the nursing profession today is a shortage of nurses. This shortage is due in part too lack of qualified instructors who can teach the clinical requirements for licensing future nurses.

While she was in her nursing program, this author felt as though this was an area where she would excel, and could make a positive impact. The relationship between the instructors and nursing students is vital to the future of healthcare, and this author believes that she will be an effective instructor who can help to provide quality health care in the future. REFERENCES The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. (2010, October 5). Retrieved September 9, 2013, from Institute of Medicine of the National Academies: http://www. Mom. Due/Reports/201 Off-future-of-nursing-leading-change-advancing- health. Asps

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