Nursing Interview Essay

Nurse Interview Paper Whitney Page NUR 100 E April 12, 2012 Cassandra Hetzel has worked in the office of Dr. Garth Phibbs for twenty plus years. Although she had worked in the office she has only been a RN since December 2009. If you ask patients, you could never tell that she was only a medical assistant because she always went the extra mile to make sure patients were well taken care of. Sandy, as most affectionately call her went through a lot to complete her degree. Hard work and dedication is what pushed her to the top, all while working full time nd raising a family of three girls and a husband.

This particular RN was chosen because she is the epitome of what every nurse should be. Sandy is smart, caring, dedicated, flexible, compassionate, and dependable. Sandy went through all her education at Mercy College, in Toledo, Ohio, graduating with her associates’ degree in Registered Nursing. To make the transition smooth on her and everyone else in the office she took some additional training and orientations, reviewing chemotherapy drugs, and treatment protocols. Sandy flew hrough the two week orientation because she was already familiar with most topics discussed.

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After the orientation was over Sandy was given a chemotherapy/ biotherapy certificate. The responsibilities that Sandy has as the Chemo Nurse are first meeting with the patient, and her family members after a diagnosis of cancer, explaining the diagnosis, going over any questions they might have for her and explaining what to expect during her treatment. The chemo nurse is responsible for scheduling any testing for patients undergoing treatments. This nurse also keeps log of blood work, and when patients are due to have their chemotherapy.

The chemo nurse works directly with the doctor, as well as outpatient oncology, interventional radiology, radiation oncology, and the GYN Physician Assistants. Nursing can be very stressful but at the same time it can be very rewarding. As a nurse you can run Into situations wnere you nave to tnlnK qulcKly on your toes, aolng so in a caring manner. Some challenges Sandy shared during the interview; some patients are non- compliant and won’t come to treatment, or they won’t get their lood work done on time which is imperative to make sure their counts aren’t in the dumps.

Losing patients to the disease, and helping their families through a tragic time, can also be hard for a nurse. On the flip side Sandy expresses some benefits of her position. The most rewarding perk of Sandys position is the pleasure of knowing these wonderful, strong women, and knowing she has made a difference in their lives. Addressing cultural issues and ethical dilemmas and nursing is something most people don’t think about.

There are so many different ethics situations that could rise in nursing, for example, bringing hospice in for a patient who needs it, but doesn’t want to admit it or bringing social services into a situation where a patient might be being abused. The advice this RN gave was to stay open to the situation and diplomatic. Sandy also said don’t hesitate to use your authority if need be. It is our duty as a nurse to make sure the well being of your patient is being met. Completing this assignment gave some insight into the real world of nursing not just what you see on TV. or read in a book or magazine. This interviewee showed that even later in life you can reach your goal of becoming a nurse, regardless of your age, or your family status. Doing this assignment makes one think into the future and gives good reference on how you should carry yourself and act in the nursing world, especially once you receive a title of RN. Taking care of patients takes a special type of person, and Cassandra Hetzel is the model RN. Nurses whether they are Just starting out in their career, or they have been nursing for years could learn a thing or two from this incredible individual.


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