Nuture Strongly Influences Early Human Development Essay

Nurture strongly influences early human development Discuss In contemporary society , many parents send their children to participate in pre-educational course such as piano , mathematic because they believe that any one of children can become musician or mathematician by hardworking , which causes a controversial dispute about whether nature or nurture is a major factor in promoting human development ( Atkinson , Atkinson , Smith , Bem , and Nolen-Hoeksema , 1999 ) . This essay will analyze this question whether nurture can strongly determine early human development .

First of all , nurture can , one way or another , accelerate the efficiency of studying and working , because as a old saying is :more practice , more better ,which means people can adapt to a new environment or grasp a new knowledge by practicing again and again. For example , because of stepping reflex , if we give stepping practice to a group of infants for a few minutes several times every day in their two-year-old , we can find that this group can walk five to six days earlier than infants who have not had this practice ( Zalazo , Zelazo & Kolb , 1972 ) .

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Nuture Strongly Influences Early Human Development Essay
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In the second place , nurture can also make up the innate deficiency of children , therefore they can catch up others or even exceed others by training . Take the development of speech as an example , although no one can speak any sentences before 1 year old , they can talk earlier by listening to others’ speaking and obtaining awards for making speechlike sounds than children who do not have this attention (Atkinson et al ,1999) .

Last but not least , nurture may change any child into any kind of adult , no matter how his talent is (John B . Watson and B . F ) . Furthermore , if we give twelve of health infants to grow up in Wstson’ well-formed own world , he can foster them up in any type of specialist he want such as doctor , lawyer , artist and so on . However , we can not ignore the influence of nature which also plays vital roles in guiding human development .

First of all , a large number of personal characteristics have already been determined by the genetic structure , for instance , we finally grow up to become a person not a fish or a chimpanzee due to our genes program which decide our sex , colour of our skin , eyes and so forth (Atkinson et al ,1999) . In the second place , some disable children are also because of nature . To be more precise , if a mother is infected of German measles or smokes during the eginning of pregnancy , her baby may born with deaf , blind directly (Atkinson et al ,1999) . Having considered all the arguments above , I conclude that both nature and nurture can interact continuously to determine human progress , and to some extent nurture play a more key role in the development . Reference Atkinson , R . L , Atkinson , R . C , Smith , E , E , Bem , D . J . & N olen-Hoeksema , S . (1999) . Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology (13thed. ) . Fort Worth : Harcourt Brace College Publishers .


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